10 holiday text message templates to use with customers

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August 31, 2023
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Text or SMS is a powerful tool for sending holiday messages to your customers. As a strategy, SMS marketing allows businesses to maximize ROI while reaching audiences directly. That means, it can help boost sales and encourage customer engagement while many of us spend more time at home during the holidays. 

Below, you’ll find holiday text message templates to inspire your outreach this year, spread some cheer, and drive sales. 

First, let’s start with some tips for holiday text message outreach. 

4 tips for holiday text message outreach

Consider the following holiday text message templates to save time and help maximize your efforts.

1. Include images or graphics 

Use images or GIFs to help your text stand out to recipients since a text message offers limited space to make an impact. Include images to show off items on sale or create a graphic that details the sale.

2. Include your name or signature

Be sure to include your business’ name in the text message so recipients know who sent the message and stand out. Alternatively, you can sign off text messages with your business name. The goal is to ensure your audiences know who sent the text so they don’t mark it as spam or unsubscribe.

3. Personalize your texts

Connect with customers directly and make them feel like they’re talking to your brand through personalized content. Personalized texts perform better with customers and can get you more clicks and conversions.

4. Create a solid CTA

Pique curiosity and get customers to take action with the right call to action (CTA). Promotional texts that contain a clear CTA and a direct link that motivates them to take action help your customers know what to do with the text.

Holiday text message templates

Now, let’s look at 10 holiday message templates you can use this holiday season to reach your customers. 

1. Out-of-office messages

Create an autoreply message to capture texts that customers send while staff is away if your business is closed at any time during the holidays. Customers won’t feel ignored, and it’s an easy way to set expectations for when you’ll reply to their message.

Thanks for your text! Our offices are closed for the Thanksgiving holiday as our staff enjoys some time off. Someone will reply to your message on (insert date) when we reopen. Happy Thanksgiving!

2. Holiday business hours

Set up a keyword (like HOURS) that customers can text to see when your business will be open throughout the holidays. You can advertise this keyword in email signatures, on social media, or on signs in your shop or office.

Happy holidays! We’ll be open during regular business hours through (insert date), then as follows:

12/23 – (insert time)
12/24 – (insert time)
12/25 – Closed (Merry Christmas!)
12/26-12/30 – (insert time)
12/31 – (insert time)
1/1 – Closed (Happy New Year!)

More questions? Reply to this text, and we’ll be with you shortly. If it’s after hours, we’ll reply during regular business hours. 

3. Black Friday promotions 

Use text messages as a marketing tool to promote upcoming sales or discounts this Black Friday. Give customers an incentive to sign up for your opt-in text list by teasing exclusive promo codes they can redeem at checkout.

You’re in! Thanks for subscribing to (your business name)’s text alerts. Use offer code (insert promo code) for an additional (insert discount percentage) off your entire Black Friday purchase in store or online. Tap here for the details: (insert link)

Reply STOP at any time to opt out.

4. Cyber Monday deals

Continue the momentum into Cyber Monday with additional SMS marketing campaigns for your new text subscribers from Black Friday. You could use flash sales to attract customers to limited-time offers.

Don’t miss this Cyber Monday deal. Take (insert discount percentage) off (discounted items) only for the next (time frame)! Shop now: (insert link) (insert image of discounted items)

5. Shipping notifications

Set expectations about potential shipping delays to ensure that customers plan for timely delivery. After all, the holidays are usually a busy time for shipping carriers.

Hi, [first name]! Christmas may be weeks away, but we encourage customers to shop early for timely delivery. Many shipping carriers are experiencing a large volume of orders, resulting in delivery delays. Check out our blog post for more details: (insert link)

6. Helpful content

Keep customers engaged throughout the holiday season with helpful tips or product recommendations if you’re a retailer or service-based business. You can offer new ways to use your products or share ideas on how to style apparel and accessories from your store.

Hi, [first name]! We love the cold weather, but we don’t love how dry it makes our skin. Did you know about our (insert product and tip)? We’ve got more self-care products: (insert link to line of products) (insert image of a product)

Reply STOP at any time to opt out.

7. Event announcements and registration

Help drive sign-ups for virtual gatherings. Send out a message with a link to your event’s registration page, then a reminder text when the event date nears.

Hi, [first name]! It’s your friends from (your business’ name). Could your Thanksgiving dinner menu use a refresh? Get inspired with (insert name) on (insert date). (Special guest’s preferred pronoun) will share two of their favorite Thanksgiving side recipes with tips on how to create new family favorites. Register here: (insert link) (insert image of special guest or sides)

8. Holiday gift ideas

Help customers ease the pressure of finding the perfect gift for friends and family with gift suggestions. If you have a blog, use this as an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. Create a few gift lists, then link them in your messages.

Looking for the perfect gift for someone special? We know the struggle. Check out our latest gift guide to find the perfect gift: (insert link)

9. Happy holidays text messages

Remember, not all of your holiday text messages have to be sales-driven. Sometimes, customers appreciate a simple message wishing them a festive holiday season.

Hi, [first name]! From all of us at (insert your business’ name), we wish you a Merry Christmas! We look forward to seeing you next year.

10. Treat yourself messages

Remind customers to keep themselves on their holiday shopping list with a quick message.

Hi, [first name]! It’s [my first name] from (insert your business’ name). It’s been quite the year, and you deserve a little something. Treat yourself and take (insert discount percentage) off your next online order with offer code (insert offer code). Shop now: (insert link)

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Whether it’s a special sale or a festive message to your audience, text messages are perfect. SMS marketing provides the personalization and engagement needed to keep customers loyal and connected.

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