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September 18, 2011
Written by
Meghan Grady
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MongoDB and Twilio both strive to provide developers with a hugely scalable,extremely agile product.  MongoDB, built and supported by 10gen, is an open-source, document-oriented database that allows developers to store data in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas rather than in the tables and rows of a relational database.  The goal of MongoDB is to achieve the rich functionality that is present in relational databases while capturing the speed and flexibility of key-value stores.

MongoDB is a flexible and scalable storage alternative to the relational database that many developers are seeking.  MongoDB utilizes binary JSON in order to simplify coding and group relevant data together internally.  As a result, applications can model data in a more natural way, nesting it in complex hierarchies where it remains indexable and query-able.  MongoDB scales horizontally using a system called auto-sharding, with extensive support features built-in.  Doing so allows users to build and grow their applications more rapidly.

Here’s a snippet from there’s super simple quickstart:

MongoDB also comes packed with a generous set of frontend tools such as a powerful tool for managing data and connecting to MongoDB servers, an administrative interface, and a plethora of monitoring plugins.  And it’s no surprise that MongoDB is developer-friendly; it has official drivers for 12 programming languages and is supported on most platforms.

Yea, we have a humongous crush on MongoDB, too!