Programmable Video | Jun. 30, 2022

The Video Diagnostics App is now Generally Available

The Video Diagnostics App tests an end user’s ability to have a quality video call with Twilio Programmable Video. It runs through a series of tests to identify issues related to device and software setup, connectivity to the Twilio cloud, and network performance. Upon failed tests, it provides recommendations to help your users help themselves.

With this release, the Video Diagnostics app is now available for your use as
a Twilio-hosted web app. It can be used as part of your onboarding or support processes to assist in diagnosing end-user issues. This hosted version of the Video Diagnostics app supersedes the legacy network test tool (

If you would rather customize the app and embed it into your application, the code is freely available as an open source ReactJS app and provides a reference for how to utilize Twilio’s RTC Diagnostics SDK and the Javascript Preflight API.

For more information on the Video Diagnostics application, check it out live by visiting or learn more in the README.

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