CustomerAI Perception Engine

Extract valuable customer data with conversational intelligence

At SIGNAL 2023, we unveiled the CustomerAI Perception Engine, a new way to build rich customer profiles by using AI to harness data within Voice conversations and, in future releases, Messaging.

Image of Twilio voice intelligence being used on the recording of a call with a banking customer. It is counting the number of times the customer says the name of a regional bank or raises an interest rate objection.

What is the CustomerAI Perception Engine?

The CustomerAI Perception Engine is conversational intelligence for your most valuable channels. It allows you to extract data from any customer conversation – whether it’s over the phone, or in future releases, by text or in your chatbot – without the need to predefine message structures or train custom models. That data can then be used to build rich customer profiles and enable precise personalization.

Leverage data that customers are already sharing with you

The CustomerAI Perception Engine uses AI to identify individual user data, such as a consumer’s shipping address or product preferences, even if it’s shared across multiple messages.

A diagram of how CustomerAI Perception Engine fits in with the Twilio products and gathers customer data from various communications to power better relationships with your customers.
  • Let AI do the work for you

    Large language models (LLM), automatic speech recognition (ASR), NLP, speech-to-text transcriptions (STT), and language operators all power the tool so you don’t have to predefine message structure or train custom models.

  • Scale personalization and improve lifetime value

    The data you collect from customer conversations, such as channel preference and likes and dislikes, all help inform future interactions and improve your end customer experience.

  • Analyze trends to optimize delivery and engagement

    Collect and analyze engagement, delivery, and latency data at scale to identify key trends and make improvements over time.

  • Empower your marketing and customer service teams

    The CustomerAI Perception Engine will eventually integrate with Twilio tools like Flex, Segment, and Engage to enable you to get the most out of your customer data.

Experience the power of the CustomerAI Perception Engine for voice transcriptions

Voice is the channel of choice for high-value conversations, and it’s rich with actionable first-party data.

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