Introducing Call Tracking with Twilio

DankDid you know that in today’s age of Internet marketing, the phone still plays a crucial role in lead generation? Voice leads can convert as much as twenty times more than web leads. The best leads want to talk to somebody in realtime, and they’re from numbers found both on and off the web.

Many savvy Internet Marketers spend hours each week tracking website information such as ad placement and referring lead source in order to optimize their website for the best conversion rates. With Twilio, tracking this kind of information is also possible for phone based leads. You can now tune, refine, and maximize your voice lead potential to create a major impact on your business!

What is Call Tracking

Call tracking allows you to record metrics about your phone leads so you can monitor their effectiveness and optimize marketing. Using Twilio, you can track information such as what number was dialed, what time of day it was dialed, the duration of the call, the geographic location of the caller, and even the call outcome. Twilio Phone numbers are cheap and instantly available in just about any area code (and toll free), so you can use a different number to track each of your marketing efforts. You can forward your incoming phone leads to any destination, such as a call center, home office, or even your cell phone.

Benefits of Call Tracking

You can use the information gathered from Call Tracking to increase the performance of your phone marketing campaigns. For example, you can increase the spend for placements that are driving the most leads, or those which are best converting. You can also track details such as if callers are repeat or unique, and the frequency of calls from various cities or area codes. With the insight gleaned from call tracking, you can make the most out of your advertising budget. Using Twilio’s advanced features, you can listen for keypad digits (for gathering more data), whisper caller announcements, create phone menus using Twilio’s text-to-speech engine, transcribe voicemails, and send & receive SMS notifications. You can even add voicemail URLs and SMS messages into existing email inboxes that are already in place for lead generation purposes, making integration a snap.

How Does Call Tracking with Twilio Work

  1. Using Twilio’s API for realtime trackable number assignment, you can instantly provision one or more numbers to use for call tracking.
  2. In the Twilio Account Portal, assign the number’s incoming URL for voice to a web application that you host
  3. When a lead dials the number, Twilio will request the URL and send tracking parameters. Record the parameters to your database or other datastore.
  4. Reply to Twilio’s request using the TwiML <Dial> verb, which instructs Twilio to forward the lead to your call center or other destination
  5. Analyze the tracking data and refine your marketing campaign.

Be a hero with Twilio

For a tiny Twilio spend, you can drive valuable voice leads to your business. Using call tracking, you can understand what leads are converting, and optimize for the best results.