Announcing Twilio SMS Short Codes

We’re happy to announce the launch of our newest product, Twilio SMS Short Codes, which has been in private beta for the past few months and is now available to everyone.  The service enables software developers to build applications that send and receive text messages using dedicated 5 and 6-digit numbers, and is the easiest way to get a short code and send SMS at volume.

Sending Large Volumes of Messages

Businesses buy a short code to send large volumes of identical messages, or “blasts”, a use case that extends the utility of Twilio’s existing SMS service.  Twilio SMS short codes enable your app to send SMS at 30 messages per second. This high-throughput is perfect for apps that send SMS messages to a large audience or with time sensitivity, such as coupons, alerts, political messages and more.

Twilio SMS Short Codes costs 1¢ per outbound text message, and 0.5¢ per inbound text message. Twilio customers can lease custom short codes for $1500/month, or random short codes for $1000/month on a quarterly basis, as opposed to the industry standard annual contract.  Pricing includes licensing fees to the Common Short Code Administration, required of all SMS short codes.  As with all Twilio products, there are no setup fees, hidden costs or long-term contracts.

Making SMS Short Codes Easier for Developers

Traditionally, acquiring a short code has involved an enterprise sales process with aggregators and navigating a esoteric carrier approvals process. Twilio is reinventing the process with a simple, published pricing model, and an easy online workflow to submit their short codes for carrier approval, leveraging Twilio’s experience in short code applications with U.S. carriers.

The Fastest Way to Get Started with High Volume SMS

While developers are working through the process of getting their short code approved by the carriers, they can use Twilio’s existing SMS API with US phone numbers to get started in minutes, rapidly prototyping their applications and launching live with 10-digit phone numbers.

SMS is Dead, Long Live SMS

Curious to learn more about why changing the game in telecom is our passion, and how Twilio envisions the future?  Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson will speak today at 4:20pm today at the MobileBeat 2011 Conference about the power of simple communications, and the innovative things developers have been creating.  Hope to see you there!