London Accelerator Springboard Opens for Applicants with Serious Perks

Springboard is London’s latest accelerator bootcamp living in the heart of London’s Tech City, launched this year by startup vet Jon Bradford. As an long-time entrepreneur, Bradford knows that sometimes new entrepreneurs need personalized help, and a little seed money doesn’t hurt either. We are thrilled to be a partners to the upcoming Springboard program, providing awesome perks for the latest class of applicants and participants.

You may be familiar with Springboard’s original form as the “accidental accelerator” founded by Red Gate Software. Bradford recently relaunched Springboard in a TechStars format which is what the program is today. London is proving itself as a burgeoning tech hub for Europe, with the local tech community quickly mobilizing around the movement. We saw something unique in London’s vibrant scene and recently set up shop there in support of our European community.

Incredible perks from ten supporting tech partners

Thanks to Rackspace, SendGrid, Google, FreeAgent, TechSmith, Zendesk, Pivotal, Tracker, Edicy, and Twilio, Springboard applicants and participants will have awesome services at their fingertips to get started. To be clear, anyone who applies to the program has access to these benefits. We weren’t kidding when we said incredible perks! Springboard is open now for the Spring 2012 program and the deadline to apply is January 8th, 2012, so get going!

How to get involved with Springboard

Starting in March, Springboard will offer an intensive 13-weeks of mentorship and entrepreneur coaching paired with investment capital for up to ten teams. The program is

open to applicants anywhere in the world who are interested in joining the teams in London. The last class of Springboard graduates include teams from Lithuania, New Zealand and Estonia. 50% of graduates have successfully received funding and many of those teams are in the process of closing funding as we type.

This team of mentors is top notch and boasts a wide range of industry knowledge, including the top PR professional in the UK Collete Balou, original Red Gate accidental accelerator mentor Jeremy Parsons and our very own Danielle Morrill.  See the full list of mentors here.

Twilio’s accelerator program

We built Twilio for developers, entrepreneurs and Doers, and we believe in supporting  innovation. Springboard is one of many initiatives we support among other accelerator programs and if you are part of an accelerator program please reach out to claim your Twilio credit of $133.70. We also have our very own Twilio Fund where developers have the opportunity for their Twilio-powered concept to shine plus the added benefit of our team’s focused support. We aim to empower you with the best tools to build exactly what you need, and this is our way of making sure your great ideas have the chance to grow. If you have any questions about these programs, please email