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Twilio and Google Cloud Platform Bring Voice and SMS to Google App Engine


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Five years ago, if you told your IT department you needed to build and scale a communications app in a week, they’d laugh – maybe even quit. Today, we have cloud-powered tools that allow developers and entrepreneurs to do this in a matter of days, building real-world businesses at scale with Google Cloud Platform.

Starting now, it’s even easier to implement Twilio cloud communications with Google App Engine, providing businesses with the ability to build solutions fast and expand faster. We’re very excited to partner with Google to be the first voice and messaging platform integrated with Google Cloud Platform.

New users signing up can grab 2,000 free voice minutes or SMS messages, and create their own Twilio account through this link:

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Building apps on Google’s platform gives you the benefit of utilizing the same systems and infrastructure that power Google’s apps. App Engine applications are easy to build, maintain and scale. Register for your Google App Engine account, and get started using one of the resources below:

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