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Introducing the Voice Pricing Calculator


We’re really excited today to announce the launch of the Voice Pricing Calculator in the Twilio Console. This tool will help you estimate pricing easily for multiple call flows over different device types and countries.

The flexibility of the Programmable Voice APIs and SDKs means that you can use them to build a diverse range of use cases ranging from contact centers to automated voice reminders. Each use case is powered by a different call flow and may also include additional features like recording, transcription, and answering machine detection.

A call flow involves one or more call legs, which are connections between a device and Twilio. For example, when a caller dials into a conference, the connection between their phone and Twilio is a call leg. Because Twilio prices calls per minute, the number and direction of the call flows in your use case decides the final cost.  

You can also implement the same use case using different call flows, resulting in a different cost each time. This ultimately creates a large number of possible scenarios that can be priced. The Voice Pricing Calculator is designed to take into account most of these scenarios to make it quick and easy to estimate the price of your use case with Twilio.

You can start using the calculator here.

To start, you select the call type appropriate for your use case. For example, you would select a 2-Party Call for call tracking.

Next, you select the device types and countries of the call participants. Since we’re building call tracking in the US, I’m assuming both parties are on the PSTN.

Next, you select additional features if needed. In this case, we want to record the calls we track for reporting purposes. You’ll also notice that certain enhancements are disabled because the devices involved in this call flow do not support them.

Finally, we enter the minutes we expect per month and voila, we have a cost estimate! You can easily change the call flow, add and remove enhancements, and play around with your monthly volume and the pricing estimate will change accordingly. You can also contact our sales team for further clarification.

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