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  • By Andres Jaan Tack
    Introducing Twilio Conversations: Now, every message becomes an invitation for a conversation Twilio Conversations is now available in Public Beta

    With Twilio Conversations, every business can use cross-channel conversations to build long-lasting customer relationships. Building on the same messaging platform that has allowed digital natives and major enterprises to build communications into their applications, Twilio Conversations is a unified API that solves some of the greatest challenges in customer messaging: cross-channel orchestration, participant management, and message archives.  

    Why Twilio Conversations?

    More businesses than ever are turning to messaging through SMS, WhatsApp, and chat to answer routine questions, deliver up-to-date notifications, or keep customers informed of an upcoming promotion. For many businesses, however, it’s still new terrain. What makes some businesses embrace two-way conversational messaging while others simply send one-way notifications or rely on phone calls or email alone? 


    For starters, channel preferences vary. In some regions SMS is the dominant channel; in others, the only way to guarantee a message gets through is over WhatsApp. Customers expectations are …

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  • By Andres Jaan Tack
    New Features for Twilio Sync: Message Streams and IoT Support sync_beta_header

    Twilio Sync, our purpose-built API for state synchronization, has been public since May 2017, and has become the go-to tool for real-time applications. Providing a single SDK offering solid performance and support for multiple devices, Twilio Sync today drives applications from real-time dashboards to coordinated video streams. Since then, we’ve been hard at work to go even further, and today we’re excited to bring you two major new updates to the Twilo Sync platform.


    Introducing the Sync Message Stream

    Twilio Sync Message Stream

    First of all, we’re adding a new tool called Message Streams to the Twilio Sync toolbox, providing simple, low-latency pub/sub channels that you can use with hundreds of listeners. Building on our core primitives, Documents, Lists, and Maps, which are ideal for real-time dashboards and interactive, stateful mobile apps, Message Streams shine when your users demand especially low-latency delivery and a high message rate. That means Twilio’s now there for …

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  • By Andres Jaan Tack
    Twilio Sync – Public Beta Now Open sync_beta_header
    • Synchronize web and mobile apps with a single authoritative state in the cloud.
    • Simple math: pay for the time your endpoints are connected, with a daily cap.
    • Now available to everyone with a Twilio account.

    We’re excited to announce that Sync is now available in public beta. This means that starting today you can share state across devices and between users with Sync’s subscription-based real-time primitives. Sync provides a place to store authoritative state and makes it accessible and mutable where you need it.

    With Twilio Sync, developers can now spend their time building features for customers instead of building websocket connectivity infrastructure. Sync is designed to work either as a completely stand-alone state management system or in tandem with Twilio Programmable Voice, Video, Chat, or other Twilio products to provide context-rich, real-time communications.

    Now anyone can use Sync to:

    • Build internal dashboards that track the …
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