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  • By Samuel Eddy
    Forward Voicemail Recordings to Email w/ Studio, Functions, & SendGrid Studio Forward Emails

    While the Voicemail Twimlet has email forwarding built in, many Twilio customers find it limiting and ask if there's a way to forward recordings to email without the Twimlet or a web server.

    This document shows how to forward voicemail recordings to email using Twilio Studio, Functions, and SendGrid.

    Things you'll need

    In order to follow this tutorial, you will need:

    SendGrid Account

    In order to use the SendGrid API to send emails we need a SendGrid API key. Create a SendGrid account (if you don't have one already), confirm your email address, then head to the API Keys area in the SendGrid dashboard and create an API Key with Full Access.

    Be sure to save the API Key Secret to your notepad.

    Create a new API key in SendGrid

    Verified Sender

    You also need to verify one …

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