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  • By Carlos Mucuho
    Build a Blood Mary Web App with Twilio Programmable Video and the Web Speech API Copy of D03 Blog Image Round (1)

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to build a web app that was inspired by a scary game called Bloody Mary. Originally, to play this game the players have to go in front of a bathroom mirror and say the name Bloody Mary 3 times to summon the ghost of Bloody Mary.

    In this web app, you will use the Twilio Programmable Video JavaScript SDK to show the local participant (player) video track, and add video processors to the video track. You will also use the Web Speech API’s Speech-to-text functionality to listen and react whenever the local participant says the name Bloody Mary.

    The Twilio Programmable Video JavaScript SDK is a set of tools that allow you to add real-time voice and video to your web apps.

    Web Speech API is a tool that enables you to incorporate voice data into web apps. This API has two …

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