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  • By Chris Feehan
    Update Your ServiceNow Incidents in Real-Time with Twilio chriseditimage.png

    There’s never been a greater demand to provide employees and customers with communication options that meet them on their channel of choice. The demand to provide these users with the tools to do their job from anywhere requires a continual evolution of software services to meet that need head-on.

    ServiceNow has continued to grow into a ubiquitous Incident Management Solution for enterprises. Twilio continues to grow into the customer engagement platform of choice for an increasingly overlapping set of customers. We’ve looked at integrating ServiceNow and Twilio through the lens of humility and empathy towards the developers tasked with the integration.

    In this post, I will provide you with a real-time, bi-directional incident management framework that integrates Twilio with ServiceNow, including code samples and documentation for both technologies. It is based on an existing proof of concept, can be quickly implemented, and catapult you towards a truly differentiated Incident Management …

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  • By Chris Feehan
    Streamline Your Flex Plugin & Functions Development Using VS Code Flex Functions VS Code

    Want to see Twilio Flex in action? Check out our interactive demo.

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    If you’re a developer building plugins for Twilio Flex, and you have corresponding Twilio Functions that you often build in conjunction with those plugins, then being able to efficiently debug and deploy your code can give you the power to build and iterate with great efficiency.

    Over the past year, Twilio has invested in providing a CLI and a Serverless module that allow for streamlined debugging and deploying of your plugins and functions. In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how to take full advantage of these existing capabilities.

    We’re going to be covering a very basic “hello-world” example, but the foundation you will have for debugging and deploying, …

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