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  • By Des Hartman
    Migrate from Twilio Elastic SIP to Programmable Voice Migrate from Twilio Elastic SIP to Programmable Voice

    Why migrate to Programmable Voice?

    Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking service automatically scales, up or down, to meet your traffic needs with unlimited capacity. Moving to Twilio’s Programmable Voice builds on the same underlying infrastructure, but gives you the power of building voice experiences with software control. With Programmable Voice you get the ability to build features such as IVRs, AI chat bots, near real-time voice transcription, Agent Assisted Payments, etc. Intelligently handling calls to increase deflection through self-service, before routing your calls to your existing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks, if you want to keep your existing SIP destinations makes your existing investments work even harder for you.


    • Existing Elastic SIP trunks
    • Working knowledge of how Elastic SIP Trunking is configured. If not, there's a great guide to learn more here
    • Access to the Twilio account with Elastic SIP trunk to be migrated
    • Working knowledge of Twilio …
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