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  • By Giuseppe Verni
    Intro to Infrastructure as Code with Twilio (Part 1) Infrastructure as Code Part 1

    This blog post is the first of a three-parts series where we explore how Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) processes and tools can be used to deploy and maintain your Twilio solution.

    In this part, we are going to introduce the fundamentals of the IaC process applied to Twilio products. At the end of this article, you will deploy and maintain your Twilio resources using a tool purposely built for this exercise.


    In order to follow along, you need:

    • A Twilio project. You can get a free one here
    • The Twilio CLI. You can install it using the instructions here
    • The Pulumi CLI. You can install it using the instructions here
    • Optional: a Pulumi account. You can sign up for Pulumi here

    Infrastructure as Code

    Before starting, let's review what Infrastructure as Code is. You can skip this paragraph if you are familiar with the concept already.

    With the rise of cloud …

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  • By Giuseppe Verni
    Intro à l'infrastructure en tant que code - IaC - avec Twilio (Partie 1) Présentation de l'infrastructure en tant que code - IaC - avec Twilio (Partie 1)

    Ce post de blog est le premier d'une série en trois parties où nous explorons comment les processus et les outils IaC (« Infrastructure-as-Code », ou Infrastructure en tant que code) peuvent être utilisés pour déployer et gérer votre solution Twilio.

    Dans cette partie, nous allons présenter les principes fondamentaux du processus IaC appliqués aux produits Twilio. À la fin de cet article, vous saurez déployer et gérer vos ressources Twilio à l'aide d'un outil spécialement conçu pour cet exercice.


    Pour suivre ce tutoriel, vous devez disposer des éléments suivants :

    • Un compte Twilio. Vous pouvez en obtenir un gratuitement ici
    • La CLI Twilio. Vous pouvez l'installer en suivant les instructions ici
    • La CLI Pulumi. Vous pouvez l'installer en suivant les instructions ici
    • Facultatif : un compte Pulumi. Vous pouvez vous inscrire à Pulumi ici

    Infrastructure en tant que code (IaC)

    Avant de commencer, définissons le concept d'infrastructure …

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  • By Giuseppe Verni
    Automated tests for your Flex plugins using Jest and Puppeteer flex-jest.png


    In this article we will see how to automate testing of your Flex plugin. Manual frontend testing is very tedious, error prone and an outdated approach. It can seriously impact your development process. In the spirit of good modern software development practice, the more you automate your frontend testing, the better. This article will cover both snapshot testing (to check your component renders correctly) and end-to-end browser testing (to check that your component responds correctly to user interactions).

    This article aims to be an introduction to this very complex topic and provide you the tools to get started.


    To follow along with this blogpost you need the following:

    • A Twilio Flex project. You can get a free one here
    • The Twilio CLI. You can install it using the instructions here
    • The Flex Plugin CLI: you can install it using the instructions here. Make sure you have at …
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  • By Giuseppe Verni
    Sviluppare un chatbot multilingue per ordinare il caffè tramite WhatsApp whatsapp-coffee-banner-it.png

    Quest'articolo è la continuazione del precedente interessantissimo articolo, in cui Dominik descrive come costruire un sistema per ordinare caffè usando Autopilot. Al momento, Twilio Autopilot supporta solo la lingua inglese, esploreremo quindi come implementare il sistema per ricevere ordini sia in inglese che in italiano.

    A summary of this article in english, along with a one click deploy script is available at this repo on GitHub.


    Se non avete ancora il vostro account Twilio, seguite questo link per crearne uno gratuito. Ci vogliono meno di 2 minuti!

    Nel vostro account Twilio useremo:

    Inoltre, avrete bisogno di un account per Google DialogFlow e Google Cloud platform.

    Diagramma di funzionamento

    Il flusso che andremo ad implementare è il seguente:

    Diagramma di funzionamento
    Diagramma di funzionamento

    Vediamo …

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  • By Giuseppe Verni
    Add a Custom Chat Channel to Twilio Flex flex-custom-chat-channel.png

    In this post, I'll show you how to add a custom chat channel, such as Socket.IO, into Twilio Flex. There are several different ways to integrate a custom channel, but in this article, we will look at the one that doesn't require the development of an additional Flex UI plugin.

    Prerequisites to Add a Chat Channel to Twilio Flex

    Before we can start, you'll need to make sure you have a few things set up.

    Custom Socket.IO chat in Flex

    After that, you're ready to chat – let's look at the message flow.

    Adding a Chat Channel in Flex

    Before digging into how a custom chat can be integrated, we need to understand the flow a message goes through before appearing in the Flex UI. Let's …

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