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  • By Jennifer Aprahamian
    API para WhatsApp da Twilio com o Flex em Apenas Alguns Minutos Flex and WhatsApp PT

    Com o anúncio recente da API para WhatsApp da Twilio e toda a empolgação constante em volta do Twilio Flex, eu achei que seria interessante trazer o WhatsApp para dentro do espaço do contact center. Com apenas alguns minutos de configuração, seus clientes podem entrar em contato com o seu negócio através de um canal totalmente diferente. Vamos dar uma olhada em como as novidades mais recentes da Twilio funcionam perfeitamente juntas!


    Se você quer deseja acompanhar esse post e trazer o WhatsApp para o Flex, você vai precisar de:

    Vamos começar!

    Começando com o Flex

    Se você já configurou sua …

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  • By Jennifer Aprahamian
    Twilio WhatsApp API and Flex in Minutes Flex Messaging with WhatsApp

    With the recent announcement of Twilio API for WhatsApp and ongoing excitement around Twilio Flex, I thought it might be fun to bring WhatsApp into the contact center space. With just a few minutes of setup, customers can reach your business through an entirely different channel. Let’s take a look at how the hottest new things at Twilio work seamlessly together!


    If you'd like to follow along and bring WhatsApp into Flex, you’ll need:

    Let’s get started!

    Start with Flex

    If you’ve already set up your Flex instance, you can skip ahead to the …

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  • By Jennifer Aprahamian
    Twilio Partners with Google to Bring AI to the Contact Center flexdemogooglenext

    At Twilio, we are experiencing a busy Summer of Flex working with early customers on the road to GA.

    Recently, we announced a partnership with Google: Twilio Flex now supports integrations with Google Cloud Contact Center AI APIs to transform the future of customer care.

    Flex is a reimagining of what contact centers can be, offering programmability at every layer of the stack. Flex empowers developers to use tools like Google Cloud Contact Center AI, providing teams with the easiest and fastest way to integrate AI into their customer experience.

    The Google AI integration took a small team less than three weeks to build out, showcasing the power of Flex’s inherent extensibility. Flex is an application platform that is both ready to deploy to thousands of agents out-of-the-box and fully customizable at every layer of the stack. From UI to routing and workflows to channels using common web frameworks, it’s …

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  • By Jennifer Aprahamian
    Dive Deeper Into ARKit and Twilio Video With DataTracks API Twilio DataTracks ARKit

    In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve caught the AR bug here at Twilio HQ. A few weeks ago, my teammate Lizzie showed us how to bring ARKit and Twilio Programmable Video together in a Swift app. With the DataTracks API, you can take this sample further and build a shared, interactive AR experience with Video. We gave this new API a spin and made a fun app to show how Twilio Video can help you communicate in three different ways — audio, video, and data.

    What’s In The App?

    We’re ditching the spaceship and taking things to the living room. In this post, we’ll take a look at a sample app that can be used by an interior designer and their remote client, allowing the two parties to communicate about the placement of items like chairs, lamps, and vases. We’ll be using Twilio’s new DataTracks API to send information …

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