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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Get Instantly Approved for Twilio.org with TechSoup Nonprofit Verification TechSoup Nonprofit Verification

    Nonprofit organizations innovating with digital technology, you all know the drill — to access benefits like discounted pricing and product donations from a company, you need to dig up a copy of your tax exempt documentation and wait days or weeks for review, only to be asked for additional information to confirm your nonprofit status. Every. Single. Time. It’s frustrating, inefficient, and slows down your progress.

    Our mission at Twilio.org is to unlock the imagination of builders solving social problems. When you have that great idea for accelerating your impact using Twilio, we want to equip you with the resources you need to scale as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

    That’s why today, the Twilio.org product team is launching TechSoup Nonprofit Verification for the Impact Access program. With this new integration, any nonprofit in TechSoup's global community of more than 1 million organizations will now be instantly approved for …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Twilio.org announces new app library for social impact at SIGNAL Launch of CodeExchange for Good

    As our communities faced numerous challenges in the past year, we learned how important it is for social impact organizations to quickly respond with an effective digital engagement program. One less day spent building, means one more day connecting people to vaccines, critical resources, volunteer opportunities, and classrooms.

    Today, Twilio.org launched the CodeExchange for Good, a curated open-source library of some of our most common and effective applications for social impact to help you build and get to production faster. There’s no need to start from scratch with this new addition to the social impact developer toolkit. Whether you’re looking to build an app for virtual medical visits or a disaster response system, you can find ready-to-deploy templates to get started quickly. You can use these pre-built samples to jump-start rapid prototyping of engagement applications that create positive social impact, many of which can be deployed in minutes with …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Vaccine Hesitancy Chatbot Quick Deploy App Now Available Vaccine Hesitancy Quick Deploy App

    As more vaccines for COVID-19 gain approval for public use and production increases, there’s a new barrier to reaching herd immunity – vaccine hesitancy. Concerns about vaccine safety and misinformation contribute to a large portion of the population expressing reluctance to get vaccinated, enabling the further spread of the disease.

    Here’s the good news – this is a challenge we can meet.

    Digital communications can help address people’s concerns and deliver fact-based information at scale. Specifically, information delivered through chatbots by trusted organizations positively impacts an individual’s attitude toward the COVID-19 vaccine.

    The positive influence of bots is twofold. First, chatbots allow people who have concerns to ask their questions in a private, non-judgmental space. Second, chatbots are conversational, and mimic small-group discussions with trusted healthcare providers that are more effective at influencing perspectives than one-way arguments.

    To empower more organizations to quickly create chatbots that address vaccine hesitancy, …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Creating a COVID-19 vaccine standby list Vaccine Standby List.png

    A new Quick Deploy app to quickly launch a COVID-19 vaccine standby list is now available for public health agencies. Deploy the template here.

    COVID-19 vaccine production is ramping up globally, a cause for new optimism in the global fight to end the pandemic. However, significant distribution challenges remain. Currently, vaccine supply is limited, so health agencies and medical centers face difficult decisions about who gets prioritized for vaccination — each with their own allocation formulas that are evolving in real-time. Meanwhile, many residents are eager to understand when they will become eligible to make an appointment for the vaccine. To ensure a successful and equitable rollout, the ability for health agencies to directly engage with their residents is critical.

    The City of San Francisco, recognizing this challenge, moved quickly to launch a digital vaccine standby list for its residents, with SMS messaging powered by Twilio. This app …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Coronavirus FAQ Chatbot Template Now Available to Health Organizations 2.png

    As the COVID-19 crisis continues to escalate, the #1 communications need we’ve identified in working with health organizations is reaching people with timely, accurate, and trusted health information. Public health hotlines and patient communication systems are now dealing with many more inquiries than normal. To address this demand, health organizations must automate as many responses to these inquiries as possible to free up human capacity to deal with more complex problems in the fight against this outbreak.

    We’ve seen many health organizations look to text and voice-based chatbots to field common questions about COVID-19. To make adopting AI-powered chatbots faster and easier, Twilio has created a chatbot template based on the World Health Organization's COVID-19 FAQ. If you are a public health agency, hospital, or health-focused nonprofit and would like access to this COVID-19 chatbot template, please reach out to us here.

    Disclaimer: This chatbot example is intended …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Modernize your crisis hotline with Twilio Flex flex-crisis-hotlines

    Every day, hundreds of thousands of people turn to crisis hotlines for support during some of the hardest moments of their lives. With suicide rates in the U.S. at their highest since WWII, and so many Americans succumbing to "deaths of dispair" (drug overdose, alcohol-related illness, and suicide) that life expectancy has decreased the past 3 years — demand for these life saving intervention services is increasing. In fact, calls to the National Suicide Lifeline Network have more than doubled since 2014 — with that number expected to climb even more significantly once the new 3-digit suicide hotline number (988) is rolled out nationwide.

    This growth in demand is making it increasingly challenging for already resource-constrained crisis centers to provide help to everyone who so desperately needs it. Unfortunately, many people in crisis today abandon their call after experiencing long wait times or simply never reach out in the first …

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  • By Jeff Eiden
    Heroes of Crisis Hotline Technology

    When a personal crisis strikes — whether it's an LGBTQ teen experiencing bullying, a war veteran who is suffering from PTSD, or a child who is the victim of abuse — access to the right help at the right time can make all the difference.

    Globally, the number of acute personal crises are growing. There has been a 31% increase in the overall suicide rate since 2001, and a doubling of drug overdose deaths in the last decade. This disturbing trend underscores that it’s more important than ever for people to have access to effective crisis intervention services.

    While the weight of these crises can feel overwhelming, the people leading nonprofits that provide help to people in crisis give us tremendous hope. We wanted to take some time to highlight some of our heroes in crisis response and prevention - nonprofit leaders who are using technology to ensure that people …

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