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  • By Lenore Files
    Twilio Programmable VoiceとGoogle Dialogflow ES版のワンクリック連携が可能に Twilio <VirtualAgent> One-click Integration with Google Dialogflow ES


    弊社はこのたび、Twilio <VirtualAgent>のパブリックベータ版を発表いたしました。これはTwilio Programmable VoiceとGoogle Dialogflow Essentials (ES)のTwilioネイティブ連携です。対話型AI機能をTwilio Programmable Voiceコールにシームレスに取り入れ、Twilio IVRから多機能で自然な通話ができるようになります。Google Dialogflow ES管理画面においてワンクリック型テレフォニー連携の提供パートナーとしてTwilioを選択すると、Twilioから払い出された電話番号とDialogflow ESエージェントとをクリック操作一回で関連付け、対話型IVRを実現できます。

    TwilioがDialogflow ESとTwilio <VirtualAgent>をワンクリック連携する以前は、企業が対話型IVRを構築するために、Twilio Media Streamsを利用して未加工の状態の通話音声にアクセスし、自社でホストするアプリケーションにストリーミングしていました。このデータがさらにDialogflowにストリーミングされ、自然言語理解における“意図”(Intent)が検出されます。Dialogflowは意図を含むメタデータに加えてアプリケーションへオーディオストリームを返し、このストリームはTwilioにストリーミングされ、最終的には通話の発信者に届きます。この連携の構築と維持に貴 …

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  • By Lenore Files
    Announcing Twilio Programmable Voice One-Click Integration with Google Dialogflow Essentials Twilio <VirtualAgent> One-click Integration with Google Dialogflow ES

    We’re excited to announce the Public Beta launch of Twilio <VirtualAgent>, Twilio’s native integration between Twilio Programmable Voice and Google Dialogflow Essentials (ES). With this integration, you can seamlessly bring the power of conversational AI to your Twilio Programmable Voice calls to provide rich and natural caller experiences within your Twilio IVR. With Twilio available as a one-click telephony partner, delivering conversational IVR is as easy as connecting your Twilio phone number(s) to your Dialogflow ES Agents with a click.

    Before Twilio’s one-click integration with Dialogflow ES powered by Twilio <VirtualAgent>, businesses wanting to build a conversational IVR leveraged Twilio Media Streams to access raw audio from a phone call, stream it to an app that they built and hosted, which streamed it to Dialogflow to detect intent. Dialogflow responded with an audio stream back to the app which then streamed it back to Twilio and finally to the …

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  • By Lenore Files
    Flex Boost: Shopify's Advice on Operating a 100% Remote Contact Center Flex Boost_ Shopify.png

    Twilio is offering a new program called Flex Boost to provide up to $100,000 in free Active User Hours to organizations impacted by or responding to COVID-19.

    You can find more information about Flex Boost, including links to helpful technical and operations resources, along with information on how to get started on the following page.

    Amid the new reality of social distancing and ‘shelter-in-place’ orders, businesses worldwide are scrambling to adapt to this new climate. Nowhere is this more evident than in contact centers, who bear the massive burden of inbound communications whether calls or messages that are oftentimes emotionally charged.

    The challenges encountered are often unique and therefore contact centers are left wondering how they can adapt and asking questions like: How do you shift the culture to fully support a remote agent model? How do you keep agents motivated and empowered? How do you effectively manage a …

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