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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Announcing Quick Deploy, Now in Beta: Launch Twilio Apps Without Code Quick Deploy launch banner

    Earlier this year, we introduced Twilio CodeExchange, a searchable directory of customizable code samples to help developers rapidly prototype. Today, we’re excited to share a new CodeExchange feature called Quick Deploy, now in beta, which will enable builders of all kinds to launch these Twilio apps with no code required.

    Simply select the use case you’d like to deploy from our list of Quick Deploy supported apps, fill out a few form fields or get a phone number to customize your app, and hit “deploy” to launch an instantly working Twilio app.

    What’s available today with Quick Deploy?

    Today, Quick Deploy is supported across several CodeExchange apps that use our popular products.

    You can create instantly working prototypes across our products such as SMS, Voice, Video, Email, and Verify. It’s a great way to experiment with what is possible with Twilio, especially …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    CodeExchange Community Launch & Hackathon CodeExchange Launch Header with Hackathon

    Today, we’re excited to share with you a new, easy way to get your Twilio apps on CodeExchange via a 3 step process we’ve outlined below. In order to help recognize our early contributors, we’re running a hackathon in April – all participants will get prizes and 4 winners will get extra goodies.

    We can’t wait to see what you build.

    Community contributions in CodeExchange

    Our best inspiration has always been Twilio’s community of builders - what you create, build, and deliver expands our understanding of what is possible. We’re excited to help foster this same inspiration amongst the Twilio community as a whole, by enabling developers to easily share their apps on CodeExchange so others can learn from their examples and expertise.

    CodeExchange Appointment Reminder sample app screen

    Historically, we’ve had a few avenues for folks to share what they’ve built, but no clear path to help surface that code with others trying …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Introducing Twilio CodeExchange CodeExchange Header

    Today, we’re excited to share with you a new way to build Twilio apps using CodeExchange. It’s a searchable directory of customizable code samples, written by developers around the world, vetted by Twilio experts, and ready for you to use.

    How CodeExchange Works

    CodeExchange makes it easy to get started with any app.

    Start by heading over to the Twilio CodeExchange page, and you'll be presented with a variety of code templates that span many use cases. You can either browse the directory of existing templates or, if you already have a use case in mind, you can search for that specific use case. Once you find the use case of your choice, pick a programming language you are comfortable with from the dropdown.

    GIF showing how to search CodeExchange

    If you'd like to learn more about a particular template, click on the "Learn more" link for the use case of your choice, and you'll …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Introducing Twilio's Referral Program referral-program-header-image

    At Twilio, nothing makes us happier than hearing that a customer enjoys Twilio so much they want to share it with a friend. In fact, we enjoy it so much we’ve decided to make it easier - and to reward folks out there spreading the good word.

    That’s why today, we’re launching Twilio’s new referral program.

    (Find your referral link here in Console)

    You and your friends get to use Twilio for free, and we get more customers like you! Win-win-win.

    How the Referral Program works

    We’ve designed the program to be as straightforward as possible. In fact, we can simplify it into only a few bullets (less reading! 🙌)

    • You get a personal referral link that you can share with your networks
    • Users sign up with your link, upgrade, then receive $10 to spend with Twilio
    • For each person you refer who signs up for Twilio and …
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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Reduce Time To Build & Maintain Messaging Apps with Copilot – Now Generally Available MessagingCopilot_public_social_blog

    Since we first launched Twilio SMS in 2010, we’ve loved hearing from developers about their excitement after sending their first SMS. It’s inspiring to see these same developers go on to deploy their Twilio-powered apps at scale.

    However, we’ve also heard first hand about the challenges developers face along the way. Creating phone number logic in applications to always send from local numbers is no easy task. Carrier routing and regulations can create a lot of extra work for developers to ensure messages are formatted properly for delivery. To reduce developer headaches – and help developers build their apps faster – we’re excited to announce that Copilot is now generally available to help solve these issues without having to write additional code.

    Copilot Is Out Of Beta and Available to All

    Copilot is a set of features developers can enable from a new UI construct (called Messaging Services, we’ll get …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Common SMS Problems and How to Solve Them, Part 2 (Unicode) Twilio_Website_Blog_Toll-Free-SMS

    Earlier this month we walked you through a common SMS delivery challenge that occurs when sending long messages, and how a developer can address it successfully. In this post, we’ll show you how the many different languages and characters that can be sent in an SMS can also cause complications – and that it’s not necessarily easy to send them all.
    [Read Common SMS Problems + How To Solve Them Part 1 to learn how about to ensure that long messages (which need to be broken up to be sent) are delivered in the correct order].

    The Wrench: Compatibility with Emojis, Kanji, and Other Characters

    How many times a day do you receive one of these a smiley face or thumbs emoji? What about 漢字or العربية? When developers build an SMS app, they need to take extra steps to ensure all your thumbs up emojis, kanji, arabic, and smiley faces …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Control Your Messaging Costs by Setting a Maximum Price MaxPrice

    When customers expand internationally, we often hear the question “How do I avoid routes that may be much more expensive than the ones I’ve used in the past?” The reality is that not all messages cost the same amount to send, and sometimes businesses prefer not to send or receive messages when the cost surpasses a certain price.

    To address this, we’ve added a new feature that will allow Twilio SMS users to better control high costs by setting a maximum price for messages. This added cost control will help you avoid high or unpredictable costs that can surface when sending messages in new areas.

    How it Works

    This new feature enables you to set a maximum price to apply to all messages. Once you set that limit, we will not send messages that exceed your set price.

    When parameter MaxPrice is used, Twilio will check the price of the …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Common SMS Problems and How to Solve Them, Part 1 Twilio_Website_Blog_Toll-Free-SMS

    Most of us don’t think to question whether or not the pictures or emojis in our text message will get through to the person on the other end. Nor do we pause to break up a long message into several parts in order to ensure messages go through in the correct order. Rather, we expect exactly what seems like the obvious: that our message will be received exactly as it was sent regardless of what is sent.

    But, these expectations can actually be very challenging for a developer to address in their SMS applications. The reality is that SMS delivery, even when it comes to sending messages over 160 characters, is not as simple as it seems. Basic consumer demands can require a good deal of code for developers to solve.

    We’re going to take you behind the scenes of messaging in a 3-part series to take a look at …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    7 New Ways to Make a Great First Impression in 145 Countries: Announcing Six New International Phone Numbers and Alphanumeric Sender ID senderidblog

    Before your customers read your message, they see the number you used to send that message. You only get one shot to make a good first impression with a customer. Using a local, familiar sender ID to send your SMS & MMS helps you set the tone for how your audience receives your content.

    We want to help you make a good first impression. That’s why we’re excited to announce two new capabilities from Twilio: new mobile numbers in six countries and Alphanumeric Sender ID.

    Introducing New Mobile Numbers In Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, and Israel

    Over the last few years, we’ve made a habit out of adding new global numbers to our phone number inventory. Today at Signal, we’re expanding on that in a big way by adding new mobile phone numbers in six new countries.

    That means you now have Twilio Phone Numbers in nearly 50 …

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  • By Laura Schaffer
    Introducing Messaging Copilot: Your Localization and Routing Expert blogcopilot

    One of the most commonly asked questions we get from messaging customers is “How can I best scale my Twilio application?” It’s a complex question, because scale refers to a lot of different aspects. There’s the challenge of sending high traffic: “How do I reach large audiences via SMS?” to deliverability: “What happens if a message doesn’t go through?” to global expansion: “I’m going expand into Germany, how do I ensure my app uses a German number to deliver those messages?”. Writing additional software logic used to be the answer to all these questions. And while effective, writing software takes time to build and maintain. So today, that answer changes, and it’s a lot more simple.

    Use Messaging Copilot.

    Copilot, launching today in private beta, does exactly what an airplane copilot does — it makes things run smoothly. Copilot offers Twilio customers a global routing and delivery system that they …

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