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  • By Matthias Damm
    Accessing Salesforce CRM Data within Twilio Studio rRq6vBQ6t1HFSjHq4KBTDmqEeOutSnTR4x2kdc5xz8ygOa0PdiVtrSjSTOSVN9s6FpQIOxwQj9LUSNsF8_JVcnrPyo89oVzgDDfMRx6764fVpTXw7-R1rOBk6tShCGid1ZmDc06d

    Access to customer context is key to a great customer experience in voice and messaging flows. As it lets you customize your interactions specific to that customer and address their needs promptly.

    In this blog post, we will walk through the steps involved in connecting to Salesforce CRM database with Twilio Studio. This means, that when a customer calls into your contact center, in realtime, we can ask the CRM for more details about the caller based on their phone number.  With this additional context, we can present an IVR tailored to their needs or use that information to intelligently route their call.

    Before we get started, if you haven’t yet used Studio, I recommend taking a look at this getting started with Studio guide.

    Flows in Studio are built with widgets which is a state or transition in our flow. In this post we will mainly use the …

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  • By Matthias Damm
    How to Build Your Own Fax Machine with Tessel, JavaScript and Twilio Adafruit Tessel fax machine

    The death of fax has been greatly exaggerated! Twilio Programmable Fax allows you to work with faxes using the REST APIs that you are already familiar with as a developer. Instead of loading piles of paper sheets into a machine tray we can send and receive a fax in the cloud.

    But… what about those beautiful physical fax machines? Remember the buzzing noise, the blinking lights and the minutes spent waiting for it to finish printing a page? While you could go out and buy a fax machine and get a landline, neither would be fun. We can instead build our own fax machine using JavaScript and some inexpensive Tessel hardware.

    Things you’ll need

    Our fax should be a physical device, a machine we can put on the shelf, on our desk or next to our copy machine. There are plenty of IoT microcontrollers that we could use but for …

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