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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Video

Announcing Video WebRTC Go GA

Twilio Video WebRTC Go is a new product offering that allows developers to build and operate 1:1 WebRTC based applications for free. This developer package provides the infrastructure components (signaling, TURN, logging, & diagnostics) required to run WebRTC applications in production. Participant minutes are free and the 25 GB/month of TURN server usage ensures enough relay support for roughly 100K minutes. To learn more, visit the documentation here.  

In addition, a new one-on-one UI layout has been added to the Twilio Video quick deploy apps to support the new WebRTC Go Rooms and provide developers with a clean, modern visual design. Developers can now specify the desired Room type (group, peer-to-peer, or go) when building the quick deploy video app via the Twilio CLI RTC plugin. All the source code for the apps is available here:

For additional information about WebRTC Go and details on the new Video troubleshooting tools visit our blog post.