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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Programmable Voice

New Programmable Voice SIP Enhancements GA

Programmable Voice SIP interface now supports Inbound SIP REFER to Twilio.  When an inbound SIP REFER message is received on a SIP call initiated using the TwiML <Dial> verb, Twilio accepts the REFER message and generates a webhook to customer application.  This allows customers to initiate call transfers from their SIP devices. Please see the SIP REFER-to-Twilio documentation for more details. 

In addition, Programmable Voice SIP interface now supports multidial to <Sip> endpoints, allowing you to dial up to 10 different <Sip> endpoints using the TwiML <Dial> verb, prior to this release TwiML <Dial> only supported multidial on <Number>, or <Client>. 

Learn more in our blog post, or see the SIP Multidial documentation for more details.