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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Elastic SIP Trunking

Upgrade your Elastic SIP Trunking calls-per-second (CPS) on-demand GA

Trunking Termination Calls per Second (CPS) refers to how many new SIP Trunking call setups are allowed in one second for Trunking Termination calls (outgoing traffic from your communications infrastructure to the PSTN). Twilio, by default, provides the ability for you to place 1 CPS per Trunk per Region (see limits). 

With this release you are now able to immediately increase your Trunk CPS settings per region (up to 15cps) in the Console, under the specific Trunk, under Termination settings.

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 12.30.27 PM.png

For details please refer to our user documentation and Trunking CPS pricing.