Phone numbers

Toll-free numbers

The ideal phone number choice for text messaging in the US, with high throughput and a programmatic verification process.

What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are 10-digit phone numbers (think 800 numbers like 877-234-5618). These easy-to-remember phone numbers can be registered to a brand and used to send text messages, just like short codes and long codes.

Toll-free number use cases

Alerts and notifications

Use toll-free messaging to deliver important alerts and notifications to customers. Luma Health handles appointment confirmations, reminders, and more communications seamlessly for 7M+ patients.


patients reached


providers serviced


channels for communications

Toll-free number features

  • High-throughput

    Toll-free messaging throughput starts at 3 messages per second (MPS) with the option to raise to 150MPS+ with onboarding onto high-throughput toll-free

  • One number for messaging and voice

    The same recognizable number to support customers over SMS messages or calls, with the voice-enabled capabilities of 10DLC

  • Delivery receipts

    See if and when your messages are delivered to customers’ handsets for full transparency into message performance

  • BYO number

    Use an existing toll-free number and enable it for messaging to create a single branded identity that’s easy for customers to remember, like vanity toll-free numbers (1-833-PET-MART)

  • API & Software for Onboarding

    Register and verify all of your toll-free numbers through our API or Console experience

  • Largest range of use cases

    Toll-free numbers cover the broadest range of use cases for messaging in the US and Canada

What are the benefits of toll-free texting?

Start sending sooner

Provision toll-free numbers and expedite the onboarding and compliance process through Twilio’s API and console solutions.

Scale with the market leader for toll-free messaging

Twilio is the industry leader in toll-free verification and has a large phone number inventory with 65,000+ local prefixes reaching customers in 180+ countries.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Start sending without worrying about contracts and commitments. You only pay for what you use, with volume discounts available as you scale.

Getting started with toll-free numbers

Richten Sie eine gebührenfreie Nummer ein.

Registrieren Sie sich als ersten Schritt für ein Twilio-Konto. Sie können sofort eine gebührenfreie Nummer über die Twilio-Konsole oder die REST API erwerben. Oder importieren Sie eine bestehende gebührenfreie Nummer und aktivieren Sie Textnachrichten über diese.

So kaufen (oder importieren) Sie eine gebührenfreie Nummer

Get your messages delivered reliably with a branded toll-free number

Find out why toll-free numbers are becoming the ideal choice for business messaging. Fast-track your number verification and deliver the same trusted experiences to customers.

FAQs about toll-free number messaging