Announcing the Twilio CLI, now in Beta: Install it today!

August 06, 2019
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I spend most of my day writing code. Over the years, I’ve figured out the tools and processes to make me the most productive, and work the way I like to work.

As part of the developer tools team here at Twilio I frequently get to talk to members of our community about what they need too. The most common request I hear is “Do you have a CLI?”. We heard you, and now I’m incredibly excited to be able to reply, “Yes we do!”.

Today, the Twilio CLI beta is available for install.

Screenshot of the Twilio Command Line Interface

Twilio CLI Features

It’s hard to beat the flexibility and power that a CLI provides at development time. Until now, there was no CLI designed for typical communications requirements.

With the Twilio CLI you can:

- Access all of Twilio’s APIs: - `$ twilio api` - Tail logs: - `$ twilio debugger:logs` - Send email via SendGrid: - `$ twilio email` - Manage phone numbers: - `$ twilio phone-numbers` - And so much more! Try `$ twilio help` for a full list of available commands.

Twilio CLI's pluggable architecture

The Twilio CLI is built around a fully pluggable architecture.

This means you can extend it to work with your existing developer toolchains. For example, the Serverless Toolkit plugin allows you to use the new Serverless API beta to build and deploy Twilio functions:

Twilio CLI Plug-in architecture

Find the Serverless Toolkit here.

Ready to get started with CLI?

You can download and install the Twilio CLI immediately via Homebrew or NPM.

The CLI is currently in beta. We received a lot of feedback during development through hackathons and pilot testers, but are always interested in how we can make the CLI even better. We welcome pull requests and feedback directly at or just type $ twilio feedback and follow the directions!

Ashley Roach is the Product Manager for Developer Interfaces at Twilio. He has a background in Product Management, Product Marketing, and Developer ecosystems at Twilio SendGrid, Cisco, and Jabber, Inc. When he’s not deep inside product backlogs, you can find him camping, fly fishing, and snowboarding in Colorado. He can be reached at aroach [at] or on Twitter at @aroach.