Announcing First 3 Recipients of the Twilio Micro Fund

December 21, 2010
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This morning TechCrunch broke the story of the first 3 investments made by Twilio Fund, a micro-fund created by Dave McClure’s 500Startups investment company.  We’re excited to announce Order Mapper, Textaurant, and Voicendo have each received funding from the Twilio Fund.  Congratulations to Jim Bricker, Dan Pickett, Josh Bob, Garrett Wilson and all their team members!

To read more about the investment, check out this awesomely titled post over on the 500Startups blog: Twilio Fund Ends World Hunger, Makes Voicemail Fun Again, & Enlists A Few Good Superheroes! (Sort Of)

Are you building a startup that uses Twilio?  Whether Twilio is a large or small part of what you do, we want to hear from you.  It’s not just about “Twilio apps”, there are thousands of ways you can integrate cloud communications into your business to make it more efficient, cost-effective, unique, and awesome.  Twilio Fund is still accepting submissions, and the deadline for the next review is December 31st.  Apply here

Order Mapper

Order Mapper was created by Jim Bricker and team, and makes it easy for restaurants to build mobile applications that power food delivery, and they already power apps for companies like Round Table Pizza.  Users can do everything from designing a custom pizza to making in-app payment for the delivery.

Congrats to the whole team: Jim Bricker (CEO), John Pitocco (CTO), Simon Taghioff (CMO), and Shahryar Khan (Lead Developer). This is the photo from when the team launched their white label apps at the International Pizza Expo in March 2010 in Las Vegas.

Try out iPhone apps like Round Table Pizza or the general Order Pizza app in the App Store today, and see Order Mapper in the Twilio Apps Gallery and follow @ordermapper on Twitter.


Textaurant is a great tool for restaurants that often have queues of people waiting to be seated.  Instead of handing out a small device that vibrates when a table is ready, they take down the patron’s mobile phone number and send them a text when seating is available.  Not only does this save on hardware cost, but it reduces abandonmnet rates by 5-15% according to the company.


Voicendo was built by Garrett Wilson, and enables small and medium sized businesses to manage their incoming phone calls and text messages.  Users simply route the calls and texts buy configuring the web-based software, and Voicendo does the rest.  Voicendo is hosted, stable, and secure meaning that businesses can focus on what they do best and trust Voicendo to take care of communications.  Follow @Voicendo on Twitter!

You Can Still Apply

Submissions are still open (apply here), and the deadline for the next round of evaluations in December 31st.  If you already applied, this announcement does not mean you haven’t been chosen.  All submissions are still under consideration at this time.