Twilio Flex Partners with Citrix to Improve Audio Quality for Remote or Hybrid Agents

Twilio Flex Partners with Citrix to Improve Audio Quality for Remote or Hybrid Agents
July 27, 2023
Written by
Tom Jose

The way we work has been modified to embrace remote-first employees. Customer-facing roles are adapting to these new collaboration trends by including distant, digital, and deskless workstyles. Call centers have evolved, realigning their operations to accommodate the new ways agents work, with the goal of improving satisfaction and reducing churn.

Agents that frequently work from home or in hybrid workplaces use more portable laptops, terminals, or PCs to communicate with customers. This provides agents the flexibility they desire and lowers operational costs, but also creates the need to optimize the quality and security for the devices they’re using.

We are excited to announce that Twilio is partnering with Citrix, an industry leader in secure app and desktop access. This partnership enables customers using Twilio Flex with Citrix DaaS and VDI solutions a high-quality, low-latency audio experience by integrating with Citrix Unified Communication (UC) Optimization SDK.

Elevating call quality for agents

Twilio Flex in a Citrix DaaS virtualized environment coupled with the HDX protocol provides a  high-definition experience, elevating call quality for agents on any device, ensuring they can focus on building customer trust without worrying about calls dropping. Citrix DaaS also enables agents to securely access a virtualized desktop, to reduce risk and allow contact centers to save on operational and equipment costs.

Twilio Flex’s cloud-native platform has always supported contact centers with remote agents, so it’s no surprise that we have numerous customers operating Citrix DaaS environments. These customers can now quickly enable the Public Beta for Flex in a Citrix virtualized environment by following these four steps.  

Enable beta Citrix HDX VDI support for Twilio Flex

Here’s what you can expect from this integration:

  1. High quality audio for voice calls while agents are connected to Flex UI in a  Citrix virtualized session
    1. The Citrix HDX protocol intelligently redirects the audio stream to the endpoint, reducing the need for bandwidth and enhancing the overall agent experience.
    2. Improving the quality and reliability of voice calls directly connecting from the agent's machine to Twilio Programmable Voice by skipping all the layers in between for voice calls only
  2. Leverage all benefits of DaaS/VDI environments - cost savings via thin clients, highly secure systems and connectivity, hybrid or remote model for agents, etc.
  3. This integration is compatible with Flex User Interface 2.3.2 and above. Please review additional requirements here.

Integrate today

Support for Twilio Flex’s integration with Citrix Unified Communication (UC) Optimization SDK is available today in Public Beta. If you’re interested in learning more about this integration, please review the documentation or contact your Twilio Flex account team.

Tom Jose is a Principal Product Manager at Twilio where he helps businesses re-imagine their customer experience with Twilio Flex. His focus is on helping businesses develop strong relationships with their customers by personalizing interactions and deploying solutions that are tailored to employee needs.