Twilio Interconnect Self-Service is Now Generally Available

Twilio Interconnect Self-Service is Now Generally Available
November 20, 2023
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Paul Kamp

In today's highly interconnected global landscape, maintaining robust connections is vital for the success and growth of businesses and organizations. Twilio Interconnect stands at the forefront of this need, offering a dependable and secure conduit to the Twilio cloud through a global infrastructure. The demand for Twilio Interconnect has surged, and we are thrilled to introduce a new and enhanced user interface that enables customers to self-service provisioning, modifying, and removing Twilio Interconnect.

Since the initial pilot launch, our self-service experience has remarkably improved the overall experience, streamlining processes with an impressive 40-75% increase in speed for handling requests. With the new self-service experience, you can swiftly modify account permissions and conveniently access your configuration information right from your Console.

What is Twilio Interconnect?

Twilio Interconnect represents a powerful, private link to the Twilio cloud, functioning like a dedicated express lane in the vast digital highway. This specialized connection ensures a smooth, uninterrupted flow of data and communications between your systems and Twilio's extensive range of services. This connection is established through physical infrastructure strategically located around the world, offering improved security and reduced latency.

We offer three flavors of connectivity:

  1. Cross Connect - a physical connection via a fiber cable between your networking equipment and Twilio’s cloud in one of Twilio’s global data center locations.
  2. Third Party Exchange - a virtual connection that allows participants to exchange traffic without touching the public Internet.
  3. Virtual Private Network (VPN) - a virtual point-to-point connection to Twilio with IPSec tunnels that provide the functionality, security, and management policies of a private network.

Interested in Twilio Interconnect? Jump over to the Console page to learn more!

Interconnect Self-Service in the Twilio Console

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