Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist, Anthony Dellavecchia

June 02, 2022
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Introducing Developer Evangelist, Anthony Dellavecchia
Let me take you on a time machine…
Let's ride a time machine!
The year is 2001, I’m sitting in front of my Dell computer sippin’ on a can of Surge while “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy is playing on my MP3 player. I dial in to the Internet via AOL and hear the infamous dial up sound ring loudly within the family living room. Then, I log into Yahoo! to check on the news and jump into a chat room with random Internet strangers.
AOL Online Dialup Gif
Fast forward to 2005, I'm sitting in class with my backpack on top of my desk. Ms. Johnson can’t see what I’m doing, since my backpack is covering it all, but in one hand, I’m stealthily playing an episode of The Office from my iPod Video. In my other hand, I’m texting my buddies from my indestructible Nokia 3310.
Nokia phones vibrate in your pocket, then break your leg
All the lights are turned off, but six faces are visible from behind dimly lit computer screens. The sounds of clicking and clattering are scattered about the room due to a fury of keyboard actions per minute. Occasionally, an ominous voice from a computer says, “you must construct additional pylons”. I’m playing StarCraft with my best friends, and we’ve all brought our computers from home for a LAN party.
We require more minerals, Marie!
`Public static void main`. Despite these words being drilled into my head, I still don’t understand what they mean. Afterall, I’m learning programming for the first time, and I barely even understand how conditional statements work. But after constant practice, I get an “aha moment” and things click! This is kind of fun, isn’t it? It sure is better than accounting, economics, and finance!
public static void main, public static void main, public static void main, public static void main, public static void main ...
I know I’m showing my age, but these are some of my most vivid and earliest memories of interacting with technology. Technology has had such a profound impact on my life, past and present. From the early days of me surfin’ the web, to watching videos on a tiny iPod Video, to learning how to program, and to now joining Twilio. I ♥️ technology!
My name is Anthony Dellavecchia, you can also call me Tony or the guy who kind of looks like Markiplier (the Youtuber), and I am a Developer Evangelist based in Seattle, Washington. My goal is to help YOU build deep experiences and connections with technology, so that they stick with you forever. And hopefully, when you take a trip in your own time machine, you’ll see Twilio somewhere along that timeline.
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