Introducing the Twilio Global Phone Numbers Catalog

September 18, 2017
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Twilio Global Phone Numbers Catalog
  • The largest selection of phone numbers available for instant provisioning in over 100 countries.
  • The most powerful Phone Number API and easy-to-use web portal in the industry for discovering, purchasing, and managing numbers.
  • Support for use case tailored numbers and use case-based search.
  • Available today in developer preview.

In the past nine years, we’ve worked with carriers around the globe to bring the power of programmable communications to phone numbers in over 100 countries. Over time, testing millions of numbers across an ever-increasing array of Twilio use cases, we learned what features our customers needed, and always strived to offer only numbers that met the broadest set of requirements. However, today, as our customers continue to innovate with new use cases, we believe the best product we can offer is not only one that satisfies all requirements but, more importantly, one that offers the best choices for the unique needs of every customer. We like to call these use case tailored phone numbers and they’re at the center of our new Twilio Global Phone Numbers Catalog.  

With the Global Phone Number Catalog, you get instant access to the breadth and depth of the communication options that exist in the phone numbers market, such as one-way numbers ideal for outbound use cases, or dual-function landline numbers for customer support messaging use cases. Starting today, you can search our full inventory through a new Phone Numbers API that provides:

  • A broader choice of phone numbers: Access our full suite of available phone numbers, featuring numbers tailored to specific use cases, such as unidirectional or premium numbers.
  • More powerful search and management: Get the right options for your specific application with use case-based search and granular attribute filters.
  • Rich phone number metadata: See every number’s detailed capabilities, geodata, regulatory requirements, and configuration, to help you effectively choose and manage your inventory.

Programmable communications use cases vary widely in requirements, similar to how phone numbers on networks around the globe differ broadly in characteristics and regulatory requirements. Contact center applications typically need numbers that can handle far more capacity than ones for call tracking use cases. SMS phone numbers used for marketing notifications need far more throughput than numbers used for account verification. Our ability to automatically assess and record the characteristics of phone numbers, coupled with use case-based search, give you a powerful way to zero in on the perfect number for your application.


Getting Started

The new API is independent of the existing /AvailablePhoneNumbers and /IncomingPhoneNumbers endpoints. You can continue using both, however, some new number types will only be visible via the new API, due to their unique characteristics.

Request access to the developer preview here. You can find more information in the /AvailableNumbers and /ActiveNumbers API Reference Docs.

We’d love to hear your feedback… and we can’t wait to see what you build