Save the Planet With Twilio

April 20, 2011
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Earth Day is just around the corner (April 22nd), so we couldn’t help but think how we could help. And what better way to do that than with an army of planeteers—I mean engineers? For this week’s contest, we want to see how you can use Twilio to make the Earth a better place. Use Twilio to coordinate a clean-up event or a system that helps people find the closest recycling center. Get creative, we want to see how our developer community uses Twilio to have a positive impact on our planet!

Entries must be submitted by 11:59pm PT on Sunday April 24th. Entries can be submitted here. The winner will receive an Amazon Kindle 3G, $100 in Twilio credit, Twilio swag, and a healthier planet.

What’s This Developer Contest All About?

Each week we announce a new category to encourage developers to try Twilio for different use cases, industries, and integrations.  As a language-agnostic platform for cloud communications, we want to see developers from all backgrounds find success and solve problems with Twilio.  To fire your imagination and reward your efforts, we’ve run this developer contest for over a year.

How To Get Involved

Submissions to the contest can be submitted here.  If you need any help or want to bounce ideas off other Twilio developers, please join us on our forums or drop a note to

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