#SIGNALConf Day 1 Recap

August 06, 2019
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SIGNAL 2019 kicked off with a bang today at the famous Moscone West conference center with nearly 4,000 attendees. It’s been a day chock-full of inspiration, demos, and thrilling new product announcements. We’ve seen guests from Netflix and Lyft, Jeff live coding in coder gloves, dancing penguins, and everything in between. If you couldn’t make the conference today or just need a refresher on all the excitement, here’s your quick Day 1 recap. Big Things Happened — Big Things to Come CEO Jeff Lawson started SIGNAL off strong with a few impressive company milestones.

More than 6 million developers are now building on Twilio. #SIGNALConf pic.twitter.com/TtrtP6Kn3o

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Over 160,000 companies, big and small and in every industry, are using Twilio to build new ways to communicate with their customers, and together, we are building the future of engagement. #SIGNALConf pic.twitter.com/oOeNSKJYlZ

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Your apps have powered 750 billion human interactions on Twilio's APIs. That's 32,500 calls per minute, up to 13,000 peak SMS per second, and your apps have reached 2.8 billion phone numbers annually, and 3 billion unique email addresses each quarter. #SIGNALConf pic.twitter.com/WQuiDX4jwh

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Devika Chawla from Netflix joined Jeff on stage to share the awesome ways the Netflix team is using Programmable SMS for notifications.

Thank you to Devika Chawla from @netflix for being with us today at #SIGNALConf sharing how your team is using Programmable SMS for notifications. pic.twitter.com/1TERHOdiWq

— Jeff Lawson (@jeffiel) August 6, 2019

Yeah, we’re pretty stoked about what we’ve accomplished, but we’re even more thrilled about what we’ll do next. And, most importantly, what we help you build next. Announcements Galore! It wouldn’t be SIGNAL without the announcement of game-changing new products. From Email Validation to the Twilio Command Line Interface (CLI) to Twilio Conversations, Day 1 didn’t disappoint. The Twilio CLI

Live coding and putting the new Twilio CLI to work. #SIGNALConf pic.twitter.com/WpzkQZ6zpW

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Today, the Twilio CLI beta is available for install. Learn more about all the cool CLI features and pluggable architecture here. The announcement saw Jeff face off against Darlene Volas in a competition to see who could code faster—Darlene with the new Twilio CLI or Jeff with the traditional approach. *Spoiler* Darlene won despite Jeff’s cool coding gloves. Twilio SendGrid Email Validation & Ads Twilio SendGrid CEO Sameer Dholakia took to the stage for two big announcements: Email Validation and Ads.

With Twilio @SendGrid Ads, you can use email and website data to create highly targeted display and social media ad campaigns within Marketing Campaigns. Now in beta. #SIGNALConf https://t.co/Cs52P9xPRR

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Twilio SendGrid’s real-time Email Validation API validates email addresses before customers send to them. This new API decreases bounce rates, improves sender reputation with mailbox providers, and ultimately improves customers’ overall inbox placement. You can learn more about it here. Launched in beta today, Twilio SendGrid Ads gives marketers the tools to extend their existing email campaigns to build highly-targeted display and social ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google — all within the Twilio SendGrid email platform they’re already using! You can learn more about this new multichannel marketing product here. Twilio Flex Zendesk CTI

Today we are excited to announce the Twilio Flex @Zendesk CTI is now Generally Available. #SIGNALConf https://t.co/XBXWOjXuFn pic.twitter.com/dOiV36yZFo

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Flex Zendesk CTI is included at no extra cost within your Flex license and enables you to supercharge your Zendesk Support omnichannel customer communications. Learn all about it here. Twilio Autopilot

Twilio Autopilot is now Generally Available. Autopilot lets you build, train and deploy AI-powered bots on any communications channel. #SIGNALConf https://t.co/BmGLlo0izu

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Twilio Autopilot is now generally available. With Autopilot, you can build, train and deploy AI-powered bots on any communications channel—including Twilio Flex. Learn more about it here. Twilio Media Streams

Media Streams gives developers real-time access to the audio of a voice conversation.#SIGNALConf https://t.co/11cjnVauZb

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Media Streams opens up the Twilio Voice platform by providing businesses with real-time access to the raw audio stream of their phone calls. Businesses can now leverage the audio of their calls to improve customer experience by understanding the quality of a call in real-time through sentiment analysis or AI-driven knowledge assistants to enhance agents’ abilities to address customer needs. Learn all about it here. Twilio Voice Insights

We're working with @GCPcloud, @awscloud, and @gridspaceinc to extend access to advanced voice technologies that will allow businesses to build AI-powered customer engagement experiences. #SIGNALConf pic.twitter.com/UL8OONjAFb

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

Voice Insights is a big data analytics platform that captures data from every single call that takes place on the Twilio platform, giving unparalleled visibility into call quality and call performance. We feel empowering customers with this level of visibility should be the standard, not the exception. That’s why we are now including Voice Insights with every Twilio voice minute, at no extra cost. Learn more about Voice Insights here. Twilio Conversations API

With Twilio Conversations, every message becomes an invitation for a conversation. #SIGNALConf https://t.co/fm0xWdxH8b

— twilio #SIGNALConf (@twilio) August 6, 2019

A Twilio study found that nine out of 10 consumers globally want to message with brands, and the majority want to not only receive messages from a business but also be able to respond. Twilio Conversations allows developers to leverage a unified API to engage with their customers in group conversations across any messaging app — SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, and chat — while saving months of development time compared with home-grown solutions. Learn all about Twilio Conversations here. Wow, that’s a lot! And we’re just getting started. Tomorrow, we’ve got a full day of content with more inspiring speakers, initiatives, and products. Don’t miss a beat—Join us tomorrow at 9am PT for more exciting announcements on Twilio.com.