Twilio Launches Messaging Compliance API for Toll-Free Verification

Twilio Launches Messaging Compliance API for Toll-Free Verification
July 11, 2023
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Over the past few years we have seen a transition towards a fully verified messaging ecosystem in the US that minimizes bad actors and provides transparency between businesses and carriers. To support this transition, Twilio has committed to developing programmatic ways to manage your messaging compliance. With that in mind, today we are announcing the newest addition to our suite of messaging compliance products. The Messaging Compliance API and Console experience for Toll-Free verification is now available in Public Beta.

Industry changes to create a better messaging experience

Since 2020, many of you have heard from us about the transition to A2P and the requirements to register all A2P 10DLC numbers and campaigns. In May 2022, it was announced that Toll-Free would follow suit and registration for Toll-Free numbers would be required for all A2P traffic along with daily, weekly, and monthly messaging limits over unregistered numbers. Throughout the last 15 years, Twilio has partnered with carriers and other ecosystem players to make sure these changes accommodate the needs of the industry to remove unwanted messaging, while ensuring that the transition is manageable for the businesses that rely on messaging engagement.

The Messaging Compliance API and Console experience is our latest investment towards fully programmatic and streamlined onboarding with Twilio that focuses on getting your inventory of Toll-Free numbers compliant.

If you have been sending messages on A2P 10DLC numbers or Short Code numbers, this is the perfect time to ask yourself if Toll-Free is right for you. So, why would you make the switch to Toll-Free?

The most flexible number type

Toll-Free numbers are the most flexible sender type in the US and Canada, available for voice and messaging and are capable of sending high volume SMS/MMS. Because they can be used across use cases and communication channels, they provide businesses with a singular number for all communication needs, creating a brand identity.

Benefits of Toll-Free

  • Verification, Onboarding, and Compliance: In addition to launching our API and Console for programmatic onboarding, Twilio manages the verification for Toll-Free across the industry, meaning that we have the industry experts in-house for all onboarding, verification, or management needs. Additionally, for Toll-Free, an EIN or Tax ID is not required for sole proprietor registration, which allows businesses of all sizes to message in the US using Toll-Free.
  • High Throughput SMS: The baseline throughput for Toll-Free numbers is 3MPS but can be adjusted up to 150MPS+ through verification and established acceptable usage of high-throughput Toll-Free. Benefits of higher MPS means that you can send more messages, faster while not having to provision additional numbers and rely on outdated practices to achieve MPS, like snowshoeing.
  • Voice/Messaging Enabled: Toll-Free numbers rival the throughput capabilities of Short Codes and the voice-enabled capabilities of 10DLC. Being able to utilize a single number for both Voice and Messaging creates a single brand identity for the number and the business.
  • Delivery Receipts: Gain full transparency across all carriers into if and when your messages are delivered to consumers with Handset Delivery Receipts as opposed to 10DLC where you are only able to confirm delivery by most networks at the Carrier level.

Getting started with Twilio

As businesses continue to grow and messaging solutions scale, the complexities of compliance scale with it. With Twilio, you have the APIs and software to build and your messaging solution while simplifying your compliance management at scale.

To get started building with our Toll-Free Messaging Compliance API visit our developer documentation, login into Console, read our Toll-Free verification best practices, or sign up today to see how you can quickly verify your Toll-Free numbers and begin engaging with your customers on the most flexible number type.