Twilio Partners with oDesk to Connect Developers and Projects

June 27, 2011
Written by
John Sheehan
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Today we’re excited to announce that Twilio has partnered with oDesk, the largest and fastest-growing online employment platform, to make it easier than ever for members of the Twilio developer community to find contract software development work.  As part of the partnership, we’ve created an official Twilio oDesk group that brings together project owners with our community of more than 40,000 developers to build Twilio-powered applications and integrations.

Project Owners: Find Experienced Twilio Developers

By posting a job to the oDesk group, you can reach developers with the experience and technical skills to work with you on your Twilio-powered applications. You can partner with exactly the type of developer you need, by development language or industry vertical.  oDesk has put together a guide for learning about the marketplace and the job posting process to help you get started.

Over the past month we’ve worked with oDesk to find existing developers with Twilio experience to join the group. Today, there are nearly 50 developers in the group available to help work on your next project, all of them with Twilio development experience.

Developers: Find Opportunities to Work on Twilio-powered Projects

oDesk is a great way for developers to find new projects, apply to work on them and ultimately get paid upon successful completion. oDesk takes care of all of the project management tasks like tracking time spent working, reporting back to the project owner and collecting the payments once a project is complete.

Since the formation of the group in May, we’ve seen nearly 20 jobs come across the oDesk marketplace that involved Twilio or OpenVBX. By joining the oDesk Twilio group, you’ll be able to apply to work on future similar opportunities.

Tim Lytle

Tim Lytle
Tim Lytle is a member of the Twilio developer community who is also an active member of oDesk. As an oDesk user since 2006, Tim has completed thousands of hours of contracting work through the marketplace. Tim’s primary reason for using oDesk is the simple payments platform which helps him get paid faster and more reliably. “When I started working with oDesk, all of my oDesk contracts came through their job market,” Tim says. “Now I consistently bring new clients to oDesk because they offer a great way to bill hourly, they handle all the invoicing, and I’m guaranteed payment.”

Twilio is committed to helping developers in our community find opportunities to utilize their technical expertise to make money solving people’s problems. We’re also committed to providing businesses that want to use Twilio the technical resources they need to accomplish their goals. We have partnered with oDesk in part because we think their platform does some incredible things to more quickly and easily facilitate these connections.

If you’re a developer, get started by joining the group to receive notifications of new job opportunities as they’re posted. If you need technical help with your Twilio projects, get started by posting a job to the group. As always if you have any questions, we’re standing by to help.