Announcing Finalists of the 2012 Twilio Fund

Today we’re excited to announce the finalists of the 2012 Twilio Fund with investment from Dave McClure of 500 Startups  and SV Angel.  The mission of Twilio Fund is to provide Twilio-powered companies with the resources to take their products to the next level. The submissions received during this application process were incredibly innovative and inspiring, it was challenging to choose the finalists.

The companies below displayed a combination of talented and capable founders, early market traction, superior use cases and creative application of the Twilio API and platform. Over the next week we’ll work with these teams to bring them into Twilio Fund officially. And the drum roll please….

The Finalists

Babelverse offers crowdsourced language interpretation, bringing you reliable voice translation through the cloud. Say you want to watch an English live video in Japanese (such as Zuckerberg), just make a request on Babelverse and a professional linguist will interpret it in real time. Babelverse uses Twilio Client, using WebRTC, and is currently working on their mobile launch.

The Babelverse Team


call-loop-logoCall Loop allows you to easily create marketing campaigns using Twilio SMS and Voice. Once you set up your campaign lists by syncing your email with Call Loop, and you can let the app do the rest. Call Loop will automatically update the campaign list, and auto respond to registrants.


Souk Logo hi resHealthsouk helps you save money by saving dentists’ time. The service lets you know when dentists need to fill appointment slots and gives you discounted rates for filling those slots. This helps health providers optimize their schedules, and users save money. They use Twilio Voice for communication between doctors and patients, as well as call tracking.


Sessions gives you access to your own personal trainer via SMS. Using Twilio SMS and Voice, Sessions pairs you with a coach that will help you reach your health goals by keeping you on top of the little things. Whether it’s reminding you to pack your running shoes, or sending you a motivating quote, the trainers keep you invested in your health progress through constant communication.

The Sessions Team
The Sessions Team

Wedgies makes polling easy, social and fun. The team uses Twilio SMS to enable users to text in their vote at sports games, hackathons and other events. Wedgies updates voting results in realtime and allows users to share their polls easily and immediately. They’re currently working with clients such as USAToday, Discovery Channel and ThinkProgress.

The Wedgies Team

These companies join successful alumni from companies like TalkDesk who went on to join the 500 Startups family, and OrderMapper who graduated from Tech Wildcatters and recently raised $550k from Vegas Tech Fund.

Looking forward to seeing where these companies go from here and how they will change the future of communications. Stay tuned for a special announcement regarding Twilio Fund 2013 and find more information at