Text messaging features

Powerful features in an elegant, straightforward API.


Bi-Directional Unicode

Messages are formatted to support non-English language and characters.

Message queuing

Logic to handle concurrent message requests.

SMS concatenation

Receive and send long, multi-part messages in the right order.

Global reach

One API that reaches nearly every country.

Picture messages

Send and receive pictures in the US and Canada.

Two-way API

Respond with TwiML and send with REST API.

Short Codes

30 messages per second for time-sensitive SMS apps.

Track every message

Confirm message delivery with real-time status.

Set Maximum Price

Avoid expensive messages by creating a price limit.

Built on a cloud platform you can trust

Twilio SMS is built on a best-in-class API made for scale.

Scale on demand

Increase or reduce usage as you need. Pay as you go and never worry about hardware upgrades again.

API uptime SLA

Zero maintenance windows and a 99.95% SLA are made possible with load balancing, failover, and outage-proofing.


Internal hardening and configurable security features to protect your app and help you achieve compliance.

Support Plans

From free email support to personalized 24x7 support with a 1-hour SLA, you choose what you want and when.

Powering your communications infrastructure with Twilio SMS

Leading companies trust Twilio to incorporate SMS in their critical workflows.

Use Cases

Dispatch Notifications

Coca-Cola keeps 600,000 coolers and vending machines working across Western Europe with automated service orders that are distributed to repair technicians via SMS.

Two-Factor Authentication

Box provides more than 240,000 businesses with an extra layer of security with a unique code sent via SMS to supplement username and password authentication.

Account Verification

DriveNow expands its car sharing service to new markets using Twilio's global reach to instantly verify customer accounts with Twilio SMS from a familiar local phone number.

Customer Alerts

PayByPhone sends more than 2 million time-sensitive text messages per month to notify customers about expiring parking meters to avoid fines.

The basics of Twilio SMS

Learn how the primitives of the Twilio SMS API interact to build apps.


Enter your number and receive an SMS

Demo available in the US and CA.

When you click "Send Text Message", this demo sends a request to Twilio to deliver an SMS to the requested phone number. The server logic determines the weather forecast in San Francisco and includes it in the message.

When you click "Send Text Message", an AJAX request is made that in turn triggers a server-side HTTP request to Twilio providing a number to SMS, as well as the string to include as a message body.

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