Improve SMS Deliverability with Fallback to Long Code

Fallback to Long Code

Resends messages from a long code phone number when a message can’t be delivered by short code. Free to use. Available now in public beta. Getting text messages delivered in the US and Canada is complicated business. North America has one of the most highly regulated telecommunications environments in the world. Figuring out all of the nuances and dealing with them can be daunting, but never… Read More

Get a Local Identity with Area Code Geomatch

Area Code Geomatch

Sends messages from phone numbers in the same area code as the recipient. Available for recipients in the US and Canada. Free public beta now open. The pipes under your kitchen sink have failed again. You’re not sure if there’s a problem with the compression fitting on the P-trap or if your tailpiece is corroded, but the under-sink cabinet is starting to resemble swampland in the… Read More

Announcing Phone Numbers in 70 countries, Transparent Toll-Free Pricing, and Hosted SMS

Global Expansion

SMS in 5 new countries, Voice in 13 new countries, Toll-free in 27 new countries. Toll-free priced by inbound caller type lets you pay only for what you use. Add SMS to your existing US & CA phone numbers without changing voice providers. Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. When engaging with your customers, phone numbers are a great example of… Read More

Enterprise Devs: Move Fast and Stay in Control with Public Key Client Validation


Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Public Key Client Validation. Available through the Twilio Enterprise Plan, Public Key Client Validation helps organizations in compliance-heavy industries meet strict security requirements, such as not relying on shared secrets, validating the sender, or verifying message content. Shipping like a startup is no easy task for enterprise developers. It’s a different environment. Enterprises need to coordinate multiple teams… Read More

Programmable Toll-Free Phone Numbers with Lower Cost Minutes


When a business has two numbers listed, one local and one toll-free, which do you call? Odds are you dial the toll-free number. They put people at ease because you know you won’t incur any long-distance charges. For international customers the ability to call toll-free is especially important. Even when phone plans include long-distance, people still like to dial the toll-free number. It provides a professional image… Read More

More Accurate Call Transcriptions Available Now


Phone call transcription is a must-have for any modern contact center. Not only do transcriptions play a role in training and quality assurance, but they also offer important insights into customer experience. Having the greatest possible accuracy is critical, because these words are driving business decisions. Anyone who’s experienced a failed autocorrect knows how errors in a conversation can change the meaning of what’s being said…. Read More

New Twilio Enterprise Plan – for large businesses building with Twilio

Introducing the Twilio Enterprise Plan

Today, I am happy to introduce the Twilio Enterprise Plan, a packaged set of security and administration capabilities designed for large businesses building with Twilio. It’s available today by request through We’ve developed the Enterprise Plan after listening to Twilio customers like Nordstrom, Dell, Salesforce, and ING Bank. Software teams in these companies are a lot like a software team in a startup. They use… Read More

New IP Messaging Features: Reachability, Message Attributes, and Push Configuration


Today, I’m excited to announce three new features for IP Messaging focused on making in-app chat a more engaging, context-rich experience: Reachability indicator Message attributes Granular push configuration All are available in the latest versions of the IP Messaging SDKs: JavaScript 0.10.6, iOS 0.14.2, and Android 0.8.1. Currently available in public beta, Twilio IP Messaging allows developers to easily add chat to any web or mobile app. Throughout the beta… Read More

Twilio Notify, one API that orchestrates messages over SMS, push & chat apps.


Today, at SIGNAL we announced Twilio Notify, a single API that orchestrates messaging across multiple channels including SMS, push notifications, and Facebook Messenger. Notify is now available as a developer preview to a limited number of accounts. Learn more and request early access to be one of the first to use Notify. Staying connected to your customers Throughout the years, Twilio has seen the ins and… Read More