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  • By Billy Chia
    Get a Local Identity with Area Code Geomatch area-code-geomatch
    • Sends messages from phone numbers in the same area code as the recipient.
    • Available for recipients in the US and Canada.
    • Free public beta now open.

    The pipes under your kitchen sink have failed again. You’re not sure if there’s a problem with the compression fitting on the P-trap or if your tailpiece is corroded, but the under-sink cabinet is starting to resemble swampland in the everglades. You need help fast. You call up a local plumber with great ratings and set an appointment for the afternoon. Then you get a text from the plumber, “I’m running a bit early, are you ok to meet at 1:45pm?”.

    The only problem is—the text comes in from an out-of-state number. Panic and doubt set in. Did you call the wrong service? Was there a mix up? Will you ever be able to wash the mounting pile of dishes without completely waterlogging your …

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  • By Billy Chia
    Announcing Phone Numbers in 70 countries, Transparent Toll-Free Pricing, and Hosted SMS global-expansion
    • SMS in 5 new countries, Voice in 13 new countries, Toll-free in 27 new countries.
    • Toll-free priced by inbound caller type lets you pay only for what you use.
    • Add SMS to your existing US & CA phone numbers without changing voice providers.

    Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference. When engaging with your customers, phone numbers are a great example of how picking the wrong type of phone number can stop you in your tracks. Each method of communications, from making outbound calls, to receiving inbound calls, to exchanging SMS all require different approaches to phone numbers. That’s why giving you a vast and diverse set of phone number options is so important. And that’s why we are so excited to announce three big ships:

    • 45 new phone number types, for a total of 70 countries: Twilio is adding Programmable SMS numbers in 5 …
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  • By Billy Chia
    Programmable Toll-Free Phone Numbers with Lower Cost Minutes programmable-toll-free-numbers

    When a business has two numbers listed, one local and one toll-free, which do you call?

    Odds are you dial the toll-free number. They put people at ease because you know you won’t incur any long-distance charges. For international customers the ability to call toll-free is especially important. Even when phone plans include long-distance, people still like to dial the toll-free number. It provides a professional image and inspires credibility. And now, Twilio is making it even easier to use toll-free numbers by lowering the cost of voice minutes in the US and Canada. Read on to learn more, or jump ahead to get started with Twilio Programmable Toll-free numbers using the Console or via the phone numbers API.

    Programmable Toll-free Numbers

    Not all toll-free numbers are created equal. Twilio allows you programmatic control of your calls so you can use your toll-free number for outbound marketing campaigns and …

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  • By Billy Chia
    More Accurate Call Transcriptions Available Now twilio-dual-channel-recording-flow-v2

    Phone call transcription is a must-have for any modern contact center. Not only do transcriptions play a role in training and quality assurance, but they also offer important insights into customer experience. Having the greatest possible accuracy is critical, because these words are driving business decisions. Anyone who’s experienced a failed autocorrect knows how errors in a conversation can change the meaning of what’s being said.

    Today, we are increasing the accuracy of call transcriptions by making dual-channel recordings and the VoiceBase High Accuracy Transcription Add-on publicly available. For anyone using Twilio today, adding dual-channel recordings is a simple one-line change to your code and integrating VoiceBase takes only a few clicks in the Console. There’s no need to patch together multiple technologies and vendors to make it work. Read on to learn more about dual-channel transcriptions or get started now by jumping straight to the code.

    What makes …

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  • By Billy Chia
    New Twilio Enterprise Plan – for large businesses building with Twilio Twilio Enterprise Plan

    Today, I am happy to introduce the Twilio Enterprise Plan, a packaged set of security and administration capabilities designed for large businesses building with Twilio. It’s available today by request through

    We’ve developed the Enterprise Plan after listening to Twilio customers like Nordstrom, Dell, Salesforce, and ING Bank. Software teams in these companies are a lot like a software team in a startup. They use cloud technologies like Twilio because they get to ship code faster and don’t have to worry about maintaining infrastructure. The one main difference is that software teams in an enterprise have to comply with stringent security, operations and procurement processes. And it makes sense. That’s how large businesses manage risk and operate at scale.

    The Twilio Enterprise Plan addresses these needs with features such as Single Sign-On, Customizable Role-Based Access Control, and segmentation for billing and usage. Here are some details:

    Access Management …

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  • By Billy Chia
    New IP Messaging Features: Reachability, Message Attributes, and Push Configuration ip-messaging

    Today, I’m excited to announce three new features for IP Messaging focused on making in-app chat a more engaging, context-rich experience:

    All are available in the latest versions of the IP Messaging SDKs: JavaScript 0.10.6, iOS 0.14.2, and Android 0.8.1.

    Currently available in public beta, Twilio IP Messaging allows developers to easily add chat to any web or mobile app. Throughout the beta we have been listening to customer feedback and added the most-requested features to our roadmap. In this post I’ll share with you the three most recent features to ship, why we build them, and how you can use them to build rich …

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  • By Billy Chia
    Twilio Notify, one API that orchestrates messages over SMS, push & chat apps. Twilio Bug Logo

    Today, at SIGNAL we announced Twilio Notify, a single API that orchestrates messaging across multiple channels including SMS, push notifications, and Facebook Messenger. Notify is now available as a developer preview to a limited number of accounts. Learn more and request early access to be one of the first to use Notify.

    Staying connected to your customers

    Throughout the years, Twilio has seen the ins and outs of notifications across thousands of our customers. Over and over again we have seen the following pattern emerge...

    The relationship begins when a person subscribes to SMS alerts. These could be transactional alerts, such as a password reset tokens when you get locked out of your Box account, or informational alerts, such as a marketing promotions with a sneak peak of the new Game of Thrones season.

    At first, this works well. Businesses have a reliable channel to communicate and customers stay …

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  • By Billy Chia
    Introducing Native TwiML Bins powered by the Twilio Cloud configuratino

    Today, we are excited to announce the acquisition of and the launch of native TwiML Bins in the Twilio Console. was created 2011 by developers in the Twilio community to rapidly prototype solutions like call forwarding or conference calls. handled the hosting of TwiML and allowed Voice and SMS apps to be created without the need to spin up a server. This was such a useful tool that quickly became popular, powering almost 100 thousand Twilio phone numbers.

    With the addition of TwiML Bins in the Console we’ve made functionality a native experience. Additionally, native TwiML Bins are hosted on Twilio’s global cloud infrastructure and backed by our world-class security and cloud ops teams for dependable performance.

    From to TwiML Bins

    One of the most powerful aspects of Twilio’s Voice and SMS APIs has been its separation of concerns. A developer’s app tells Twilio …

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  • By Billy Chia
    Introducing End-to-end Encryption for Twilio IP Messaging with Virgil Security℠ image01

    Software developers have a love-hate relationship with security, especially when shipping their product is concerned. All too often security is bolted on at the last minute or not at all. End-to-end encryption is particularly difficult to properly build and integrate into an application.

    Twilio is partnering with Virgil Security to make building end-to-end encrypted applications a breeze with Twilio IP Messaging and Virgil Crypto SDK and Key Management. Now every developer can build security into their Twilio apps without having to become a crypto expert themselves.

    What is end-to-end encryption?

    The Virgil Crypto SDK is used to encrypt the content of messages so that only the message originators and recipients have the ability to decrypt and read it. Virgil Key Management provides the message recipient’s public key. The SDK uses that public key to encrypt the message on the sender’s device before the message is sent. The result is …

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  • By Billy Chia
    Introducing the New Twilio Console left-side-dock

    Note that this post is from 2016. If you are looking for information about the console updates released to public beta in April 2021 then see these posts:

    Today, we are excited to announce beta access to the Twilio Console, an all-new account portal. The Console is a complete visual and functional update providing easier access to manage your account as well as debug and operate your Twilio-based applications.

    Back in the day

    When Twilio began we had one API: Voice. In 2008, for the first time ever, developers could add phone calls to any application with a few lines of code.

    Then we added SMS. In these days our developer portal was simple. The Twilio API was one unified product. …

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