All Stories from SIGNAL 2017

Are you sitting down? Alright, good. Post-SIGNAL, your head is likely spinning from the whirlwind of announcements. Never fear, we’ve got the rundown for you. No two developer tool belts are alike. There are 1.6 million of your fellow developers on the Twilio platform. Each of them—including you—is building something to solve a nuanced problem, with a nuanced set of tools. SIGNAL just put your tool… Read More

Twilio Notify – Public Beta Now Open

Multi-Channel Notifications using Twilio Notify

Multi-channel notifications over SMS, push, Facebook Messenger, and more 10k free delivery attempts or actions every month Now available to everyone We’re excited to announce that Notify is now available in public beta. This means that starting today you can jump right in and start sending multi-channel notifications to your users. Notify helps select the best channel(s) to send notifications based on your customers’ preferences or… Read More

Enterprise Devs: Move Fast and Stay in Control with Public Key Client Validation

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Public Key Client Validation. Available through the Twilio Enterprise Plan, Public Key Client Validation helps organizations in compliance-heavy industries meet strict security requirements, such as not relying on shared secrets, validating the sender, or verifying message content. Shipping like a startup is no easy task for enterprise developers. It’s a different environment. Enterprises need to coordinate multiple teams… Read More

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Support Added to Notify

Twilio Notify now supports Firebase Cloud Messaging FCM Google GCM

To keep Twilio Notify as the ultimate way of orchestrating notifications across the multiple messaging channels your customers use, we’re always working hard to quickly add new ones. Whether that be SMS, push, or messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Notify will help you select the best channel(s) to send notifications based on your business case and your customers’ preferences. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve… Read More

Introducing the Copilot API for Programmable SMS

It’s simple to send a single text message using Twilio. However once you launch your application and start sending a high volume of messages, things can get complex in a hurry. It becomes essential to build logic to handle things that directly affect your software’s performance. For example, when sending messages, you’ll want to consider: How many phone numbers do you need? If you’re seeing too… Read More

Waiting in the Wings: Introducing Message Queue Insights

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering if any outbound messages are sitting somewhere waiting to be sent, today, we’ve launched a new feature called Message Queue Insights that provides visibility into the messages that are queued in Twilio’s platform. Message Queue Insights helps: Check to see if your application is performing as expected Diagnose any delays you may be experiencing Determine if you need more phone… Read More

Increase SMS Privacy with Message Body Redaction

We’re obsessed with the security of customer data. I’d bet you are too. One of the most commonly requested features from customers delivering sensitive information via SMS is the ability to redact the message bodies before they’re stored. We’re thrilled to announce Message Body Redaction for Programmable SMS is now available in Developer Preview. With this new feature, developers can take even more control over the… Read More