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  • By Donnie Wang
    Créer un Bot SMS Rapidement avec Twilio Studio : Le Santa Bot creer-bot-sms-twilio-studio-banner

    Bienvenue dans notre mini-série sur comment débuter avec les chatbots SMS !

    Dans ces articles, vous apprendrez les bases de la construction d'un bot tout en travaillant dans un constructeur visuel convivial, ne nécessitant aucun code, appelé Twilio Studio.

    Avant de nous lancer, je pense qu'il est utile de savoir auprès de qui vous apprenez !

    Je m'appelle Donnie. Je ne suis pas ingénieur en informatique - ni n’ai de diplômes en ce domaine - et je travaille dans le marketing ici à Twilio.

    Alors, pourquoi moi ?

    Parce que ce mode d'emploi s'adresse à tous ceux qui désirent construire un bot, quelle que soit leur expérience en programmation.

    Parce que Twilio Studio est le moyen le plus rapide et le plus simple de créer des expériences utilisant les messages textes et les appels vocaux.

    Parce que Twilio Studio n'exige pas que vous sachiez comment écrire du code. Alors, …

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  • By Donnie Wang
    Twilio Studio: The New Way to Build Communications studio-blog-_640x200@2x

    Today, we’re rolling out the beta of Twilio Studio, a visual application editor that makes it faster than ever to create new customer experiences using SMS messages and voice calls.

    When we released a preview of Twilio Studio a few months back, we saw the beginning of a new trend emerge — the amount of time it took users to launch a new customer experience went from being measured in weeks and thousands of lines of code, to something described in just a matter of minutes. Developers were saving time and getting to work on more challenging engineering tasks, while Studio made it possible for those in marketing, sales, support, and other cross-functional areas to contribute by developing b …

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  • By Donnie Wang
    🤖 Build Bots with Twilio Studio 🤖 Build Holiday Bots with Twilio Studio

    ‘Tis the season for gifts (and also resolutions). This year, it’s a little bit easier to check if you’re on the nice or naughty list. If you’re on the wrong side of the list, never fear. You can keep track of your resolutions easily.

    Here’s a gift list app and a resolution reminder app for you to try. We’ll also show you just how easy they are to create for yourselves using our new visual builder — Twilio Studio.

    Seeing is better than believing, so give them a try before we dive into the details. You’ll even get a special gift at the end—a priority access code to start building with Twilio Studio:list app and sms reminders created with no code

    Curious where your wish list for Santa goes? Well, the results are shared with Santa in t …

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  • By Donnie Wang
    How To: Build a 🎅 Bot with Twilio Studio How to Build a Santa Bot with Twilio Studio

    Welcome to our mini-series on getting started with SMS chatbots!

    In this series, you’ll learn some of the basics of building a bot while working in a friendly, no code required, visual builder called Twilio Studio.

    Before we dive in, I think it’s useful to know who you’re learning from. My name is Donnie and I am NOT a Software Engineer. I don’t have a computer science degree, and I work in marketing here at Twilio. Why me then? Because this how-to is for anyone who wants to build a bot—no matter your programming experience. Because Twilio Studio is the fastest, easiest way to build amazing experiences using text messages and voice calls. Because Twilio Studio doesn’t require that you know how to code. So truly, a big welcome to learners of all levels! 🙌

    Getting Started

    Let’s go over what we’re going to build together. First, make sure …

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  • By Donnie Wang
    Templates for Launching Your Twilio Functions Faster templates-for-twilio-functions

    When we released Twilio Functions in May, our goal was to help you get to production faster by eliminating the burden of dealing with the servers and infrastructure typically required for building applications. Since then, we’ve seen a ton of you build some amazing things—from Resistbot, a political advocacy service that turns your text message into a formal letter for your elected officials, to VictorOps’ Live Call Routing feature that dynamically connects inbound support calls with the right response teams in real-time, we continue to gain inspiration from the things you’re designing and deploying every single day :)

    To keep making that journey of deploying your next application even e …

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  • By Donnie Wang
    Elastic SIP Trunking: Region selection for origination traffic siptrunking-in

    If you’re using Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking to connect your IP-based communications infrastructure to the PSTN, then you’ll be happy to hear that starting today, you can specify the geographic region that Twilio will use to send the originating SIP traffic.

    By default, Twilio uses the region where the incoming PSTN call comes in from. Starting today, to specify the region you want Twilio to use to send the originating SIP request towards your communications infrastructure, simply include the optional region parameter in your origination SIP URI. This can lead to improved voice quality as traffic will not automatically traverse to the region of the incoming PSTN and, moving forward, calls will be directed over the Twilio Super Network—to the specified region—instead of the public internet.

    For example, by including region=ie1 in your origination SIP URI, Twilio will send the SIP request from the Europe Ireland region. View full list …

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  • By Donnie Wang
    SIP Interface adds support for international regions connect-anything

    We’re excited to share that SIP Interface now supports international regions, including North America (Virginia, Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney), and South America (São Paulo). This means that when you send SIP to Twilio, or receive SIP from Twilio, you can specify the region that’s closest to the location of your communications infrastructure to ensure the best quality of service.

    Sending SIP to Twilio

    To specify the gateway to send SIP traffic to:

    1. Update your IP address whitelist.
    2. Point your communications infrastructure to any of our localized URIs.

    Receiving SIP from Twilio

    To specify the region to receive SIP from Twilio:

    1. Update your IP address …
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  • By Donnie Wang
    Twilio Notify – Public Beta Now Open notify_beta_header
    • Multi-channel notifications over SMS, push, Facebook Messenger, and more.
    • 10k free delivery attempts or actions every month.
    • Now available to everyone.

    We’re excited to announce that Notify is now available in public beta. This means that starting today you can jump right in and start sending multi-channel notifications to your users. Notify helps select the best channel(s) to send notifications based on your customers’ preferences or your business case, whether that be SMS, push, or messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

    Using Notify, you can now:

    • Easily add new ways to communicate with customers
    • Select the right channel(s) to reach customers on
    • Send tons of notifications across mu …
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  • By Donnie Wang
    Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) Support Added to Notify notify_fcm

    To keep Twilio Notify as the ultimate way of orchestrating notifications across the multiple messaging channels your customers use, we’re always working hard to quickly add new ones. Whether that be SMS, push, or messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Notify will help you select the best channel(s) to send notifications based on your business case and your customers’ preferences.

    Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added support for Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) – the new version of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) – to Twilio Notify. FCM is the latest technology from Google for delivering push notifications to Android devices and even to select browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera).

    Getting Started with Notify and FCM

    Notify is available today in Developer Preview and we’re granting access to the API for a limited number of accounts. If this sounds interesting for your business or application, learn more or request access …

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  • By Donnie Wang
    Introducing the Copilot API for Programmable SMS phone_number_intelligence

    It’s simple to send a single text message using Twilio. However once you launch your application and start sending a high volume of messages, things can get complex in a hurry. It becomes essential to build logic to handle things that directly affect your software’s performance.

    For example, when sending messages, you’ll want to consider:

    • How many phone numbers do you need? If you’re seeing too many messages in your Message Queue, try spreading out that traffic over several numbers.
    • Which country to choose when selecting a phone number for delivery?
    • Short code or standard long code phone number? Depending on which country and carrier you’re sending to, your application may need to keep …
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