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  • By Anumadu Udodiri Moses
    Create a Mailing List in PHP using Laravel, Vue.js, and Twilio's SendGrid Email API Create a Mailing List using Laravel, Vue.js and Twilio's SendGrid Email API

    The importance of email marketing cannot be over-emphasized in modern-day business, mostly because of its cost-effectiveness and conversion-to-sales ratio. This tutorial will teach you how to use Twilio’s SendGrid Email API with Laravel and a Vue.js frontend to send bulk emails to more than 100 email addresses at once. This removes the pain of sending out emails slowly, as well as the possibility of emails going to spam.

    After we’re finished, you will have developed a custom mailing list that:

    • Allows anyone to enter their email address and save it to the application database
    • Send out bulk emails to provided email addresses


    To follow along with this tutorial you should have the following in place:

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  • By Anumadu Udodiri Moses
    Authenticate Laravel Users Using JWTs and Twilio's WhatsApp Business API Authenticate Laravel Users Using JWTs and Twilio's WhatsApp Business API

    Web applications need a way of identifying users in order to serve dynamic data back to users. The process of collecting and storing data when a user registers, validating the data and recognizing a unique user when the user logs in is the authentication flow.

    As mankind continues to evolve, cybercrimes continue to increase by the day. The security of user’s data and their privacy becomes more important than ever. In the quest to achieve this, security measures such as the popular 2-step verification (2FA verification) are put in place.

    Implementing 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) verification in modern web applications can be tricky. Nonetheless, do not worry as the Twilio API for WhatsApp has plenty of documentation and support to make this possible for developers.

    This tutorial is intended to teach you about the Twilio API for WhatsApp and custom token-based authentication in Laravel using JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). …

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