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  • By Marcus Battle
    Top 7 PHP Tutorials with Twilio for July 2019 Top 7 PHP Tutorials with Twilio for July 2019.png

    From building chatbots to RESTful APIs from scratch, this month’s roundup includes several engaging tutorials. We’ve compiled our top seven PHP tutorials to help you build the future of communications this summer while you’re coding in the air conditioner or at your favorite resort.

    Can you keep a secret?

    Game of Thrones has ended and Avengers has already cycled through the box office, but with the fall season premieres quickly approaching, a new opportunity to spoil your friends' favorite shows is just around the corner. In this intriguing tutorial by Dotun Jolaso, you will learn how to build a spoiler app in PHP with Twilio SMS and Laravel. Your Laravel app will employ bulk SMS messaging via Twilio Copilot to tease subscribers with spoilers after the show airs.

    Everyone needs a little REST

    APIs are not only the backbone of Twilio, but they are also arguably the ...

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  • By Marcus Battle
    Top Laravel Tutorials for June 2019 Top Laravel Tutorials for June 2019.png

    What happens when developers from all over the world mix the most starred PHP framework on GitHub with the leading provider of communication APIs? You get the world’s best Laravel and Twilio communication-based apps!

    Since Laracon 2019 (Laravel’s official conference) is right around the corner, we thought it would be a great idea to share our top four Laravel tutorials from our PHP community from the month of May.

    Whether you’re an experienced Laravel developer or just getting your feet wet with Twilio’s PHP SDK feel free to use these awesome, start-to-finish tutorials as the platform to build your next PHP-based communication app.

    Keep Everyone Informed with Text-2-Subscribe

    Growing an organization comes with its challenges, but the greatest of all to overcome is probably misinformation. Regardless of size, every organization can’t afford to keep its members in the dark on news and events. This tutorial ...

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  • By Marcus Battle
    How to Create a Local WordPress Setup in 5 Minutes using Valet WordPress + Laravel.png

    As a WordPress developer, I’m always looking for the lightest solution to spin up a local development environment for new projects. I know that some devs swear by Vagrant and Docker, but when you’re local environment takes more resources than your operating system, it makes you wonder if there's a better way.

    In my agency days I used a MacBook Air for development, which is notorious for running out of space and memory. Just in case you are in the same boat and you want a quick, clean solution to spinning up new WordPress environments, I can’t recommend Valet by Laravel enough. Valet is a Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists that doesn’t rely on Vagrant or Docker to load a separate operating system.

    Technical Requirements

    For this tutorial we’ll assume the following:

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  • By Marcus Battle
    Introducing PHP Developer Marcus Battle Marcus Battle at TwilioHQ

    The house lights darkened. Drums began to play from backstage. Strings warmed up the orchestra pit. Suddenly there were the words I had secretly been waiting for. The ones that the average American still gets wrong twenty years later, but loves to unashamedly sing. "Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba." The introduction to the “Circle of Life” was ringing throughout the auditorium.

    I found myself in a parade of 750 pounds of silicone rubber fashioned into Zulu costumes, 18-foot giraffes, flocks of birds in the mezzanine and 6-foot elephants walking through the aisles. The entire auditorium became the stage. The floor opened up to expose Pride Rock and Simba's dedication. My inner child awoke. I completely gave in to experiencing "The Lion King" on Broadway.

    The Morning Lesson With Mufasa

    “Dad, don’t we eat the antelope?
    Yes, Simba. But let me explain.
    When we die, our bodies become the grass.
    The antelopes eat the grass ...
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