Gifted: Artificial Intelligence to Hack Gift Giving


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming for us all. Michael Jordan, a mechanical engineer by trade, came to this realization while working as the director of energy and sustainability at a New York City based firm serving large real estate clients. While busy building energy models, Michael thought that much of his work in applied engineering was actually an optimization problem. Eventually, AI will solve most of… Read More

Giphy and Twilio Text A GIF Using RapidAPI


This post originally appeared on the RapidAPI blog by Lindsey Kirchoff. RapidAPI is a marketplace where developers can test and connect to multiple APIs from one endpoint. Lindsey created an API Smash using Twilio SMS and Giphy to text GIFs. One of the reasons that we built RapidAPI is to make it easier to call multiple APIs through one console. No more juggling multiple API libraries! We’re starting a series… Read More

HTTP Requests in Python 3


The Python Package Index (PyPI) is home to almost 100,000 code library packages that help Python programmers accomplish many tasks ranging from building web applications to analyzing data. PyPI is also home to many helper libraries for APIs such as Twilio. Let’s demonstrate the power of PyPI packages by taking look at how to retrieve and parse JSON results from a RESTful API using four different Python HTTP… Read More

Identity Management in Spring Boot with Twilio and Stormpath in 15 Minutes


This is a syndicated post, originally posted by Micah Silverman, Developer Evangelist at Stormpath, an api that lets developers add authentication, authorization, and user management to any web or mobile app in minutes. Micah created a Spring Boot application that uses Twilio’s Java Helper Library and Stormpath to send login notifications. Today, in less than 30 seconds or so, I was able to set up a Twilio… Read More

Ryan Leslie is Coming to SIGNAL London


Who knew an artist could change the trajectory of their career one SMS at a time? Ryan Leslie, the Harvard educated, grammy-nominated rap and hip-hop artist did just this. He created SuperPhone, a platform that enables him (and you) to connect with an audience on a more personal level. Ryan will be joining us for SIGNAL London on September 20th, 2016. You don’t want to miss… Read More

Shahzeb Khan Builds Frank Ocean Album Detection


Looking for a reason to start playing with Twilio’s PHP Helper Library, Shahzeb Khan built (650)82OCEAN while anxiously awaiting the release of his favorite artist’s latest album. Boys Don’t Cry is the long suspected second studio release from that of one Frank Ocean. Why a project around Frank Ocean? Shahzeb says, “I mean, it’s become a meme right?” Fans of the rap artist are all too… Read More

Sara Chipps is Building Smart Jewelry for a Smarter Generation

Sara Chipps-4

Sara Chipps is the Founder and CEO at Jewelbots which builds friendship bracelets for the iPhone era. She also co-founded Girl Develop It, a non-profit that helps women become software engineers, and she served as the CTO of Flatiron School, a developer bootcamp in NYC. Sara will be speaking at SIGNAL, our developer conference for communications May 24-25 in San Francisco. Join us at SIGNAL and… Read More