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  • By Megan Speir
    SIGNAL 2019 Scholarship Application Signal-1661.JPG


    At Twilio, we strive to build equity, equality, and belonging to make communication more inclusive for all. We apply these principles across the company in everything from hiring to events we run, and events that we support & attend.

    On August 6-7, our biggest event of the year will be making its debut at Moscone West in San Francisco. SIGNAL is an opportunity for our community to come together and reimagine how the world communicates. Our mission is to fuel the future of communications. In order to do that, we must honor our values and ensure a future that is accessible and inclusive for everyone.

    For the third year in a row, we're glad to announce that the SIGNAL scholarship program is back. Eligible applicants will receive a free ticket to the conference and Superclass on August 5th—a self-paced day of hands-on technical training from Twilio experts (while supplies ...

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  • By Megan Speir
    Introducing the Twilio Champions Program kyle-glenn-598701-unsplash.jpg

    This year marks 10 years of developers building and creating innovative communications solutions with Twilio. This milestone is a great time to think not so much about the past, but about the future. In the next 10 years, we want to continue to recognize highly engaged members of the developer community.

    That's why we're thrilled to announce the Twilio Champions Program.

    Who are Champions and what do they do?

    Twilio Champions are passionate members of the Twilio developer community. They are knowledgeable about Twilio products and services and share their expertise with others. Champions are building across diverse platforms and creating innovative solutions that have an impact on the businesses and individuals they serve.

    This is a year-round program for developers who want to actively engage and serve developers who are building the future of communications. It's our way to recognize developers for their contributions to the Twilio community, including ...

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  • By Megan Speir
    Apply for a SIGNAL 2018 Scholarship _Y6A9521-1

    On October 17-18, 2018, we’re hosting our favorite event of the year in a new home at the Bill Graham Center in San Francisco. SIGNAL is an opportunity for our community to come together and reimagine how the world communicates. Our mission is to fuel the future of communications. In order to do that, we must take action to ensure a future that is accessible and inclusive to everyone.

    That’s why the SIGNAL scholarship program is back. We’ve increased the number of tickets for the program and will be able to offer a limited amount of travel assistance to help more folks from underrepresented backgrounds in tech join us at the event. All you need to do is apply!

    Who is eligible for a scholarship?

    Anyone from an underrepresented group in tech is encouraged to apply. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Women (self-identified)
    • People of ...
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  • By Megan Speir
    Announcing the Twilio Studio Contest 🎉 Unknown-8

    A little over a month ago we launched Twilio Studio in beta and already people are using the visual builder to innovate upon customer experiences and change the way we think about SMS and Voice in the future of communications.

    In the coming weeks, we expect you’ll continue to surprise us with what you’re working on and so we wanted to come up with a way that we can honor this work. Thus, I’m happy to announce a Twilio Studio contest!

    Yes, our excitement is real but here’s what this means for you. From now until March 30th, you can create Twilio Studio applications that do well…whatever you like. You might create things like campaign management, agent interfaces, analytics, or A/B testing. You could build AI into Studio, do something for social good, or use your imagination and even make a game driven by ...

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  • By Megan Speir
    Mongoose Masters the Art of Texting with Students j1kBxYQYDUb0YZ-S3HszqD9_rqxJTABeM2Lq9HX4EAZNZAuPHu_tSxGLmx7nNXpcbUTLiswsW017GyV-u4rZ6IdWrdFMp_Jc3C-bKQNLhwK7Bx9lXBFlACsUGfr1N_uhFmPcBTB1

    Many of us are familiar with the data and trends surrounding the average Millennial’s communication style. And when it comes to school, they will do a lot of things with SMS to avoid the old guard and antiquated way of doing things.

    It should come as no surprise then, that a company called Mongoose is using SMS to communicate effectively with prospective and current students.

    “Students rarely answer a voice call, often they feel email is for ‘old people’ and leaving voicemail is considered rude,” explains David Marshall, a Product Manager at Mongoose.

    What the…SMS?

    David sold his first higher education company in 2009 and began consulting with pro sports teams helping them use texting to better engage fans.

    This kind.

    Not this kind…but that could also be pretty cool (amiright)?



    “I really thought SMS would make sense for Higher Ed,” David said. He began testing a ...

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  • By Megan Speir
    SIGNAL Speaker Highlight: Fun Facts signal-speakers-header

    This is not a drill. There’s less than a month before we are together again at Pier 27 in San Francisco for SIGNAL.

    While the team is busy making sure you get your hands dirty with all kinds of Twilio products during Superclass and creating a futuristic experience for this year’s $bash, I’ve been daydreaming about meeting my heroes of the developer community – the speakers.

    Aside from the seriously cool things they will share with you in the breakout sessions on May 24-25, these folks are, not surprisingly, awesome humans.

    Fun Facts about SIGNAL Speakers



    Who: Rachel Weil
    SIGNAL Session: Hertzian Tales: Adventures in “Useless” Hacking
    Fun Fact: Rachel is the curator of @FemicomMuseum a hybrid physical/digital museum and archive dedicated to the preservation and reimagination of femininity, girlhood, and the aesthetics of cute within twentieth-century video games, computing, and electronic toys.


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  • By Megan Speir
    Announcing the SIGNAL Scholarship Program JoinUsAtSIGNAL

    On May 24-25th, we will meet again at Pier 27 in San Francisco for our annual developer conference, SIGNAL. Our mission is to build apps that communicate with everyone in the world. To help do that, we need to have an accessible and inclusive conference. So this year we are offering a limited number of free tickets through a scholarship program to help more folks from underrepresented backgrounds in tech participate in the event.

    Who is eligible for a scholarship?

    Anyone from an underrepresented group in tech is encouraged to apply. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Women (self-identified)
    • People of color
    • People with disabilities
    • Veterans

    If you or someone you know could benefit from this, please fill out the form and submit a short paragraph on why you want to attend SIGNAL.
    Submissions will be accepted until Monday, May 1st, 2017 11:59 EST.

    Please note that ...

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  • By Megan Speir
    This Number Rocks, Rocking Out with Elixir Lang this-number-rocks

    Henri Morlaye is a developer in Leon, France. He works for a small company there that builds tools for professionals to facilitate innovative instructive and training environments at their companies.

    Until recently, Henri and his team relied on a landline as the main phone system for their company. While searching for a way to modernize, they decided to build a solution themselves with Twilio that would allow for both more flexibility and control.

    The team took the simple concept of a Twimlet but decided to give it their own flair. Using Elixir with the Twilio REST API, they were quickly up and calling!

    They built the CRUD app with the Phoenix Framework and deployed on Heroku. A Postgresql database table keeps track of the Twilio numbers and phone numbers they point to, stored as embedded structs using an array of maps and Elixir’s Ecto embedded schema.

    All Twilio calls ...

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  • By Megan Speir
    Add a Little AI to Your Love Letters This Valentine’s Day tQT7Fjh9VmiIHe6rW8JUWcOrGP2_Jg7bnUDWnQpIVjT5AZRfXjxKynunxm5TtWuIuAL_AHozRoXXZXbbkcgmjH900ABMN8kmm8JE4CKhlcJTqtSOt_FNlmg0tZgbOhxrQUM94W4u

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! There is a lot of love floating around today and you might be looking for a way to tell that special someone exactly what you think of them through the power of prose.

    If Shakespeare isn’t your thing, Michael Jordan (of Gifted) is back with another artificially intelligent hack that will help you say all the right things today.

    You can give it a try right now by texting a picture to (267) 422-7066.

    Love Letters from Her

    After a successful holiday season, Michael was asked by many people if there would be a Valentine’s Day rendition of Gifted. He immediately began to brainstorm ways in which he could update the artificial intelligence text messaging service to write love letters.

    Michael turned to Hollywood for inspiration and rediscovered the critically acclaimed 2013 film, Her. At the beginning of the movie, Joaquin Phoenix’s ...

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  • By Megan Speir
    Gifted: Artificial Intelligence to Hack Gift Giving AOJ_h3Q2ClGuT5_iDbswNoKyCPiekP3Hr6I55VfXnRXy67kWFoZRtO_sGw_DsauB_uQDgXwJPk-KULHttypdhW_Zi0zuygOLf2sfe8B-0BP_K4xKez_af5xLEpapycbbjQ2OQ9A2

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming for us all. Michael Jordan, a mechanical engineer by trade, came to this realization while working as the director of energy and sustainability at a New York City based firm serving large real estate clients.

    While busy building energy models, Michael thought that much of his work in applied engineering was actually an optimization problem. Eventually, AI will solve most of these problems through automation.

    Sometimes it’s best to face the inevitable and dive head first into the unknown. Embracing the future, Michael decided to do just this by studying more about machine learning and AI.

    His tutelage ran the gamut from text-based learning with scikitlearn to genetic algorithms. He was excited by the idea that you could take a product specification and learn the math behind it. This exploration led him to image analysis with the Google Vision API and finally to ...

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