Creating a Jenkins Server for Github Projects


A deploy process should provide consistency, incorporate tests, and utilize a multi stage deploy process to protect your production server, provide useful logging, catch breaking changes quickly, and integrate smoothly with your version control software. There are a few options available for managing a deploy process like this. Many of these are managed services which means much of it is opaque and outside your control. If you’re… Read More

Laravel and Twilio: Group Video Chat


While words alone are powerful, the inflections of people’s voices, the gestures and expressions we unconsciously flow through during conversation all contain a wealth of information often lost to us in our technology driven communications. Using Twilio’s Video API you can now add the richness of face to face interactions to any web project. Here we’ll look at how to create a Laravel web application that… Read More

Symfony 3 and FOS User Bundle: Customizing Users


User handling is a fundamental part of a ton of web projects.  This post will walk through how to customize Friends of Symfony (FOS) User attributes and forms in a Symfony 3 project. By default FOS Users only have username, email, and password attributes.  If you want to add more information like an address or phone number to your users there are several steps you’ll need to take… Read More

Creating a Symfony 3 Project with Basic User Handling


User handling is a fundamental part of a ton of web projects.  This post will walk through how to get setup using the Symfony 3 framework and the Friends of Symfony bundle so that your project can allow users to register, login and out, and view and edit their User profile.  The steps here will serve as a great starting point for your next web project. Assumptions This… Read More

Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Margaret Staples


Once upon a time when I was just considering what a Me might be I thought designing space colonies would be the right job for me. I made plans to spend a lifetime pouring focus and attention into helping humans be happy, healthy, and successful in a diaspora into space by meticulously designing purposeful coordinated systems. From the stories I was pulling heroes from I thought that… Read More