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  • By Pooja Srinath
    Connect to Your Local Database Using Twilio Functions Functions MySQL Local

    In this post, you’ll learn how to connect to a local or remote database such as MySQL and make queries using Twilio Functions.

    Prerequisites and Items accomplished

    Working with Twilio Functions

    Twilio Functions (Beta) provides a complete runtime environment for executing your Node.js scripts. Functions integrates the popular package manager npm and provides a low latency Twilio-hosted environment for your application.

    Building apps with Functions

    Here's an example of what a Functions script looks like:

    exports.handler = function(context, event, callback) {
      // code
      // i …
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  • By Pooja Srinath
    Send SMS in Your Spring Boot App spring-boot-java-websockets.png

    In this article, you’ll learn how to use WebSocket API with Spring Boot and build a simple status delivery application at the end.

    WebSocket is a communication protocol that makes it possible to establish a two-way communication channel between a server and its client. Websockets are supported by most of the browsers that are commonly used today. 

    Create an Application

    First, you need to set up your Twilio account and a suitable phone number.

    Here are the steps to generate a project using Spring Initializr: 

    1. Go to http://start.spring.io/.
    2. Enter Artifact’s value as websocket-callback.
    3. Add Websocket in the dependencies section.
    4. Click Generate Project to download the project.
    5. Extract the downloaded zip file.
    6. Note: You will need Java 8 or …
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