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Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Current Data Limit Usage for Super SIM in Console GA

If a SIM exceeds its data limit, it won’t be able to use any more data until the data limit resets at the end of its current billing period. Today, the Super SIM details page in Console now allows you to easily identify how close a particular SIM is to reaching its monthly data limit. There is a new section on the page which shows:

Use the data limit usage information to determine whether you need to take action such as:

  • Move some SIMs to another Fleet with a higher data limit
  • Update the data limit on the Fleet your SIMs are assigned to


Access the Super SIM details page in Console via Develop > Super SIM > SIMs and selecting one of the SIMs on the list page. Alternatively, you can also check how close a SIM is to hitting its data limit via the API by following these steps in the docs.