Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Super SIM Billing Periods API Public Beta Beta

You can now read the current billing period for a Super SIM using the the new Billing Periods API allowing you to see when a Super SIM's current billing period started and will end. You can use this to determine when a Super SIM in ready state will automatically transition to active or when a Super SIM in active state will next be charged a monthly subscription fee.  Learn more about this new API, see the documentation.

Additionally, data usage towards a Super SIM's data limit is measured over its current billing period. You can leverage the start and end times indicated on a Super SIM's billing period and the Super SIM Usage Records API to determine how close a Super SIM is to hitting its data limit and when the usage towards the data limit will reset. To learn more about the steps to do this, check out this guide.