Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Super SIM Connection Events on Event Stream Beta

Super SIM Connection Events allow you to follow a Super SIM connected device’s journey from when Twilio first sees it trying to connect to our mobile core, to when it gets connected and starts to use data, to when it ends its data session. Once a device has successfully started a data session, update events will be published while the device stays connected to give you near real-time usage information for each Super SIM.

Super SIM connection events

Super SIM Connection Events are delivered via Twilio Event Stream, an API that allows you to tap into a unified stream of interactions across different Twilio products. You can stream your data to your existing systems by configuring a modern, persistent streaming technology like Amazon Kinesis, or to a webhook.

Please refer to the documentation for more details and guides on how to get started.