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Programmable Video

Video Diagnostics App Public Beta Beta

We are excited to announce the release of the Video Diagnostics Web App, an open source ReactJS application demonstrating how to test a participant’s ability to have a high-quality video call with the Twilio platform - now available in Public Beta for WebRTC Go, P2P, and Group Room developers. 

The application is built using diagnostics and call-readiness features in Twilio’s RTC Diagnostics SDK and Twilio’s Video Javascript SDK, including the recently released Preflight API Public Beta

It can be customized, embedded into your application, and used as part of onboarding to ensure a successful first video call or for diagnosing issues that relate to the device, software, or network conditions of the end-user. It’s free to deploy and free to use.

For more information on the Video Diagnostics application, see our blog post or visit the README