Studio changelog

This page is no longer being maintained. For all future changelog updates for Studio, please refer to the official Twilio Changelog.


The Call Recording widget is now available in the widget library.

The Send to Flex widget now supports liquid expressions in the Priority field.


The Fork Stream widget is now available in the widget library.


The From field on Send Message/Send Message wait for reply now supports Chat identities for Programmable Chat use cases.


Note we have revised the date of the proposed change to Studio log retention. Studio will move from a 90 day retention period for data associated with closed executions to 30 days on July 26th 2019. For more information see Data Retention in Studio in the user guide.


Notice of upcoming data retention policy change: Studio will move from a 90 day retention period for data associated with closed executions to 30 days on June 30th 2019 (changed, see entry above). For more information see Data Retention in Studio in the user guide.


There is now an Autopilot widget in Studio. Check out the widget library and this introductory blog post to get started.


The Studio widget library is now expandable to give more editing room when updating widgets.

We've changed the way flow updates/changes display in the top control bar to make changes and the need to publish more visible.

The timeout in the Connect Call To widget is now configurable up to the maximum of 600 seconds.


When using the Studio REST API, it is now possible to filter the list of executions retrieved by date. See the REST API documentation for listing executions for details.


Import/Export of the JSON definition of Studio flows is now possible via the UI. See Importing and Exporting Flows in the usage guide for details.


Set Variables widget is now available to set variables in the global context of the flow.


Capture Payments widget is now available to capture payments from users during voice calls.


Send to Flex widget is now available for Flex-enabled Projects. Send to Flex transfers a call or a message to Flex by creating a TaskRouter Task.


Gather widget now allows gathering of all keypresses, including # and *. If "Stop Gathering On Keypress?" is set to "No," all keypresses will be gathered and submited once the the "Stop Gathering After" timeout is reached or the expected "Number of Digits" are collected.


Studio now handles concurrent calls from the same caller ID or unknown numbers by default for all new flows. For more detail on this change, see Handling concurrent calls from the same number in Studio in the Studio usage guide.


Bug fix: The "Stop Gathering On Keypress" field in the Gather Input On Call widget now accepts single digits and * and #.


The HTTP request widget has been updated to allow you to choose the content-type of your requests: Form URL encoded or JSON.


You can now multi-select widgets in Studio and drag them all at once. Use command-click on Mac and Shift-click on Windows to multi-select many widgets and then drag as normal.


Amazon Polly voices added to Say/Play and Gather widgets. See the announcement for Amazon Polly integration.

Note: existing Say/Play and Gathers won't update, they will stay the same to maintain backwards compatibility if they have values set. To swap to using Polly voices on an existing flow: Drag a new version of the Say/Play or Gather widget onto your flow, delete the old one, connect the new widget and publish your flow.


REST API documentation updated.


General availability announcement.


Engagements renamed to Executions. Engagements is deprecated in the REST API, see these notes for details.

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