A first look at the Twilio CustomerAI Perception Engine

 A first look at the Twilio CustomerAI Perception Engine
August 23, 2023
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Consumers don’t just want great experiences; they demand them. They now expect consistent, highly personalized cross-channel experiences, and when businesses fail to meet their expectations, they’re more motivated to seek out brands that get it right.

What does a remarkable experience look like?

The key to delivering an outstanding customer experience is listening to consumers’ preferences and anticipating their needs. Every communication with your customers generates carrier or network data (the types of things you can find in our Insights products), but that only tells a portion of the story. It doesn’t include the context of their call, the links they click in a message, or their response over text. Businesses have a huge opportunity to extract all that data and use it to inform and personalize all future conversations. That’s what takes a customer experience from ordinary to remarkable.

But accessing that data is incredibly challenging. That’s because extracting and organizing customer data traditionally means relying on manual evaluation efforts and ad-hoc analysis. Manual analysis is inconsistent, expensive, and typically only targets 1-5% of customer interactions. As a result, it mostly focuses on tasks like regulatory compliance or profanity monitoring.

But what if that analysis could provide deep insights into consumer behaviors – in a privacy-conscious way – to personalize every customer interaction over voice and messaging?

Today, we’re thrilled to give you a first look at the Twilio CustomerAI Perception Engine, a new suite of CustomerAI tools that allows businesses to apply AI to communications data, and extract rich customer data across all of their communication channels at scale. Our goal has always been to help businesses build unforgettable customer experiences, and the CustomerAI Perception Engine will enhance Twilio’s existing products and features by allowing for even greater insights and personalization.

Transform conversations into knowledge with natural language understanding

AI is everywhere, and according to Forbes research, 64% of businesses that responded to their survey anticipate that AI will improve the customer experience. But, many companies need help to deploy this technology at scale.

That’s because it’s hard to deploy new models into production, especially since AI models are hungry for data. The good news is that businesses already have the customer data they need to train their AI models. It lives within the conversations they have with customers every day in channels like voice, WhatsApp, and SMS. 

With the CustomerAI Perception Engine, Twilio customers can use natural language understanding to analyze every customer interaction. The CustomerAI Perception Engine includes natural language operators to extract unstructured customer data, such as account information or consumer preferences from text message conversations and call transcripts. It will then organize that previously inaccessible data, making it easier for companies to identify individual customer traits and wider customer trends in a more actionable way.

The CustomerAI Perception Engine drives action with better communications

But it’s not just about organizing that data. It’s about applying it to drive better communications, not necessarily more. The CustomerAI Perception Engine allows businesses to tap into the data that customers already share in calls and messages and use it to continuously expand and build comprehensive Golden Profiles for customers. Those Golden Profiles can then be used to contextualize conversations and to create highly targeted content and campaigns that improve marketing efficiency and, ultimately, customer lifetime value.

Native application connectors will make it simple to feed golden profiles into other Twilio tools like Flex, Segment CDP, and Engage and improve customer interactions continuously. Great experiences increase the likelihood of future interactions, and every interaction generates more data that feeds the CustomerAI Perception Engine.  

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Getting started with the CustomerAI Perception Engine

The CustomerAI Perception Engine will start with voice calls through Twilio Voice Intelligence. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use CustomerAI to extract valuable data from your voice calls, take a tour of Voice Intelligence and join the public beta today. The CustomerAI Perception Engine for messaging channels is scheduled to be available beginning in 2024.

With the CustomerAI Perception Engine, organizations will have the tools to extract previously inaccessible customer data and use it to build and continuously improve truly personalized customer experiences.

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