Introducing Firebase Extensions for Twilio

November 10, 2021
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Phil Nash
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Building applications takes time, there's a lot of work in implementing, testing, debugging and shipping features. Things would be a lot quicker and easier if someone had already built your feature for you. That's what the Firebase team thought and it led them to build the Firebase Extensions platform.

Firebase Extensions are pre-packaged solutions that you install into your Firebase application and that perform tasks when a defined event occurs in your app. The Firebase team publish their own extensions, like this one that resizes images or this one that triggers an email when you add a document to a Cloud Firestore collection (which, by the way, you can configure with your SendGrid credentials). Today we're introducing three new Firebase Extensions that bring the power of Twilio APIs to your Firebase application.

New Twilio Extensions

We're releasing three new extensions to the Firebase Extensions catalogue that will make it quicker and easier to assemble your applications and use Twilio APIs. The new extensions are:

Send Messages with Twilio

Sends a message using the Twilio Programmable Messaging API based on the contents of a document written to a specified Cloud Firestore collection.

Sync Contacts with SendGrid Marketing Campaigns

Keeps a Firestore collection of contact data synced with a SendGrid Marketing Campaign contacts list.

Send Abandoned Cart Reminders with SendGrid

Watches a cart collection keeping track of the last updated time of a cart object. When it is over a certain period, send the user an email based on a SendGrid Dynamic Template.

To learn more check out the documentation for the Twilio Firebase Extensions and to see the extensions in action, along with other  extensions from Algolia, Stripe, and ShipEngine, check out the session from Firebase Summit below:

Check out the extensions today

These extensions are available to install in your Firebase application today. The code is all open source and available in the Twilio Labs GitHub organisation.

As a part of Twilio Labs, we welcome all contributions, documentation improvements, and bug reports. If you have ideas for improvements or other extensions, then please let us know.

We can't wait to see the applications you build with Twilio's Firebase Extensions.